Saturday, February 27, 2010

Annual Chick-fil-A Seminar

We just returned from our yearly CFA seminar and it was a wonderful experience! This year's trip was to Washington DC. We spent the first part of the week with all of the CFA owners and their spouses and home office staff. We stayed at the new National Gaylord Resort which was beautiful. The second half of the week, us and 4 other couples in our market moved over to the Westin and stayed an extra 4 days to do more sight-seeing and hanging out with each other.
So, here's what happened during seminar...get ready because it was quite an experience.
SUNDAY: we arrived, got settled in, ate dinner and attended the worship service done by none other than Israel Houghton. After he was done, we got an amazing sermon by Bill Hybels. If you have never heard of these guys, look them up because you are totally missing out.

Israel Houghton. I was actually really close but the screen was a better picture.

MONDAY: we met up with everyone from the Nashville market for breakfast and the General Session. We were able to hear from Andy Stanley. He is very charismatic and funny and again, if you don't know who he is, google him and buy a few of his books and bible are missing out if you don't. After this session, David and I headed to Arlington National Cemetary to see the eternal flame, The Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers and the Changing of the Guards. We also rode into Maryland to see the Marine Monument which is a statue of the marines at Iwo Jima. This entire experience was a somber and humbling one to say the least.

Marine Monument


Changing of the Guard

TUESDAY: again we had General Session in the morning and time to go to Expo that evening. The best part of that was meeting the Cake Boss and having a conversation with him. Later that evening in the middle of the awards ceremony (David won 2 - becoming a 2 million dollar store this year and meeting the goal set by home office and in turn winning us a cruise) I got the most excruciating pain ever in my stomach. I was violently ill. I ended up going to George Washington Univ Hospital and stayed there for 8 hours on Morphine and Zofran. What happened was FOOD POISONING!!! It was definitly from the hotel as no one ate anywhere else and it turned out that over 100 CFA people got this and 15 of us ended up in the hospital. Can you believe that?!?!?

WEDNESDAY: We stayed in bed until time to check out since we didn't get back to the hotel until 4 AM. After that we checked into the Westin and shopped for a while. I was feeling somewhat better but still not 100%. We went to a super nice restaurant for dinner with the other 4 couples who stayed with us and in the middle of dinner I had to leave. I was sick again with the same thing. Only this time when I laid down in the bed, I broke out in huge welps/hives all over and was itching terribly. It was the WORST thing. Come to find out I have developed an allergy to feathers and all of the pillows and blankets on the bed were feather downs. OMG - it was really bad!

L to R: Barry/Kim, Debbie/Mark, Mary Ruth/Frank, David/Kelly, Randy/Joy

There was an actual Peeps store. It was awesome and I don't even like Peeps.

The girls of the trip except Debbie.

THURSDAY: I was feeling about 70% better and we toured the Capitol and the Library of Congress. That took all day. Oh, and we hung out at Union Station for a while.

FRIDAY: I was feeling 100% better and we toured the White House, Holocaust Museum (my favorite museum by far), The Museum of Natural History, and Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum. We also saw the Washington Monument which was closed due to the high winds.

The White House

David posing with the "Geico Cavemen" at one of the museums

The amazing 45.52 carat Hope Diamond

Rockstar David at the Hard Rock DC

Wax Museum - Robert E Lee and David discussing the war plans

Me and Abe

David giving Abe a knuckle noogie

Punching out Mohammad Ali

Bill still up to his dirty little tricks

Can you tell how we REALLY feel?!?

Carrie Underwood and David

David doing his best Larry King impression

SATURDAY: we came home to our wonderful kiddies.
And that's the end of the trip.
We did find out that next year's seminar will be in San Antonio, TX! CANNOT wait!!!!

Happy 18 Months Brody

I simply cannot believe that my baby boy is already 18 months old. DID that happen. It seems like just last week I was bringing him home from the hospital and wondering how in the world I was going to manage a newborn and a 21 month old. And now...well now, he is one of the greatest joys in my world. I love this baby boy with a love that I thought was impossible. Really, before he was born, I wondered how I would ever be able to love another baby as much as I loved Chloe. Everyone assured me that it would happen but I just didn't understand it. That is...until I held him for the first time. I really can't explain the love...all I can say is that I love him and Chloe the same amount, but it's just a different type of love. Maybe that's the whole daddy's little girl and mommy's little boy meaning. Anyways, he is the sweetest natured, most loving playful little guy and he loves to be held and cuddled. So, here's a few things that my little man is up to now...

** he weighs 24.5 pounds (the exact same weight as he was 3 months ago)
** he is 32.5 inches long (he's grown an inch in 3 months)
** his percents are 31% for wt and 57% for height
** he is speaking in 2-3 word sentances and has a total of about 20-25 words already
** he can count to 3
** he loves to pick up toys when we start singing the clean up song
** he does have moments of the worst temper tantrums you could imagine, but they are few and far between
** he is a mommy's boy totally
** he's given Chloe her nick-name. It's CoCo. That's what he calls her and it has stuck
** he still sleeps 12-13 hours each night and takes about a 3 hour nap
** he loves to eat but is starting in on the picky eater phase
** he LOVES to take a bath and anytime we take his shirt off, he immediately starts squealing "bath bath"
** he knows about 8 body parts already
** he loves cars, trucks, dogs, climbing on everything he can, and playing with Chloe

As you can see, he is getting to be such a big boy and it's hard to even think about him turning 2 this summer. If I could keep him this stage and age forever, I may just do that.

Brody's masterpiece

Wagon riding in the snow

This was at our Blevins Family Movie Night. I left his shirt off because I knew he would get food all over it and I preferred to NOT have to change his PJ's again.

And this is my favorite...Brody and my dad (Op-Op) have some sort of unique and special bond that is hard to explain other than Brody totally loves his Op-Op.

Happy Valentines Day!

I loved Valentines Day this year. We had a pre-Valentine's date with each of our kids which was a new tradition we started this year. David took Chloe out for daddy/daughter date night and I took Brody out for mommy/son date night. It was  a wonderful time for everyone.
 I think I've already blogged about the actual V-Day on the other blog (  so I will just post pics on this entry. Enjoy!

My sweet sweet boy

pink Valentine's pancakes for the kiddos

Brody in his new beanbag chair

Chloe in her new beanbag chair

Valentines Day Party

Well, I decided to do something a little adventurous this Valentine season. I was just trying to follow in the footsteps of my good friend Amy who used to live here and who also threw some of the BEST kiddie holiday parties you could ever imagine. Seriously, they were so awesome. So...since she and her family have up and moved to France (ok, ok, I'll cut her some slack - they were PCS'd there by the Army) I decided to take on this little project. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, but I will say that we had a great time. There were about 9 kids and 6 adults, heart shaped PB&J sandwiches, heart shaped individual pizzas, chocolate covered strawberries, regular strawberries, sprite with red ice cubes shaped like hearts, and of course plain cupcakes for the kids to decorate. Oh, and I had taco vegetable soup for the adults. It was a great time and I think all of the kids enjoyed themselves as did the parents.

The table setting

These were placemats for the kids to decorate while they waited for their food

From far head of table going clockwise: Hannah, Haley, Miguel, Chloe, Kirk, Natasha, Cedric, Joey

Brody was too little for the table so he had his own seat on the floor where he was most comfy

Decorating placemats

Hannah and Haley eating their cupcakes

This is Chloe's cupcake decorating...LOTS of sugar!!

The candy bar: each child filled up a bag of candy for part of their party favor

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So Far Behind

I am so far behind in blogging that it is ridiculous. And even this isn't going to be a real entry...only one of things to come. Here are the blogs that I will be doing in the next week.

1. Valentines Party at my house
2. Happy Valentines Day to my 2 baby loves
3. Brody is 18 months old!!!
4. Seminar in Washington DC

I am in Washington DC right now so I am going to blog them in my down time so they will be ready to post with pictures when I get home (I forgot my camera cord).

Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Days

Snow days have brought a new meaning to the Blevins household. On one hand, I totally LOVE the snow! I love being out in it, playing in it, watching it fall and cover the ground, and thinking about those heavenly storehouses laden with snow (Chris Tomlin's "Indescribable").  On the other hand, snow days can also send my mind into a whirl when it means that Mommy's Morning Out will be cancelled. I want to scream "NO!!!!" Those are the only 2 days of the week that I have to get ANYTHING done. I can make it through the grocery store without having to buy yet another box of goldfish to get us through without a meltdown. It's the only time that I can do the laundry without the kids unfolding all the progress that I have made. It's the only time that I have for ME. Yes, I know that's selfish, but I need ME TIME! Honestly, don't all moms?!?

Anyways, we've had our share of beautiful snow and school being out over the past week or so. It's been lots of fun, but now I am glad the snow is gone and schools are back in. We had a blast with the kids in the snow and have lots of pics to show our fun. Chloe's goal since Christmas was finally met...she built a Frosty...TN Volunteer style! And Brody, well, poor little man turns blue in 50 degree weather so I figured that he wouldn't last in 20 degrees. Despite the 3 shirts, 2 coats, 2 pants, 2 socks, shoes, hat, gloves, and a hood, he still was blue in about 10 minutes and his teeth were chattering. He was miserable! Plus, when we put him in the snow, it was so deep that his feet didn't even touch the ground. He didn't weigh enough to push all of the snow down!!!

Enough of the stories, let the pictures tell the rest.
The drifts in our yard measured 10 inches

Checking out the snow with pure JOY on their faces



Chloe and her best friend Miguel being pushed by the dads

Miguel, Chloe and Brody playing after they warmed up

Frosty - TN style!

Little Diva