Wednesday, January 20, 2010

All States Southern...

For 11 days David, me, Chloe and Brody traveled through our favorite southern states...Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia. We combined a bachelor party (for David's friend Scott), a visit to my family, a visit to David's family, and a wedding all into one big trip. Now that we are back and rested up -somewhat- I decided I had better blog and post pictures before I forget. I'll spare you with the day to day details but will hit the highlights. Let me just say that we had the best time with our friends and family and are so glad that we were able to see everyone.

Kingsport, TN: the day we left, we decided to break up the drive to NC by stopping in E. TN and were able to stay with David's Aunt and Uncle. Chloe became quickly attached to Aunt Nancy which is super easy to do. Unfortunately, we didn't get to hang with Uncle Lynn very much because we got there late and he had an early golf game to get to. HOWEVER, a huge thank you to them for opening their home to us and making us feel like we were their own kids stopping by for a night. Oh, and before we left we got to go to Nancy's stables and see/feed the horses. Chloe was all about it until she actually came face to face with the horse...then she wasn't too keen on feeding him. HA!

Ramseur, NC: lots of great time was spent with my family for a whole week! I got to spend lots of time with my sweet little niece Emma who is 1 month younger than Brody. She is the cuddle-bug of the century. I could have cuddled, kissed, hugged, and played with her forever. And...I think I did. She and Brody got along a little better this time around and by the end of the week, they were giving each other baby kisses - in between fighting over mine and Chloe's attention, toys, and food.

me with my favorite 2 girls!

Sweet baby Emma

Let the fighting begin...

Op-Op with Brody...his little buddy

Grammy with sweet Chloe

Another fun thing was that one day Chloe and I spent part of the day with my grandma (Nannie). She doesn't get to see Chloe very often, even when we are in NC, so I decided to have a girls day with just the 3 of us. We went over to her house and had 2 tea parties with Chloe as our hostess of course, played Bingo, and then headed over to the mall for Chloe to play in the indoor playground. While there, we hit up the Chick-fil-A and the bookstore. We had the best time with my Nannie and Chloe was able to really form a great bond with her.

Chloe with Nannie

The indoor playground at the mall

We went to eat at Sir Pizza - 1 of my 2 favorite restaurants back home! However, in the middle of the restaurant during the middle of dinner, Chloe decides to tell everyone that she is a Vols fan. The kicker was a combination of GO BIG ORANGE and I LOVE VOLS...yes, you guessed it, she yelled "I love big balls." Slightly embarrassing.

David and I had a date while we were there and went to dinner and to see 3D Avatar in Greensboro. We also did a little shopping and enjoyed our alone time.

ATLANTA, GA: we spent 4 days in GA with David's family. While there though, we were super busy. We took the kids to the aquarium on Thursday. Brody LOVED LOVED LOVED it! Chloe simply liked it. We all had a good time though.

By the end of the trip, Brody was worn out from walking the ENTIRE thing

Brody with "Deepo"

Chloe with Gramom looking at the sharks

Chloe with Gramom making cookies

On that Friday, David and I had the wedding rehearsal to attend since he was the best man. While there, I met some of David's good friends from college (Chris and Sarah), and then we headed out to the rehearsal dinner at Ecco. YUMM-O! The food was fabulous, the wine was perfect, and the company was the best. I was able to get to know the bride better and I just adore her. I also was able to plan a shopping trip for the next day for me and Sarah while David and Chris participated in wedding activities that started at 11:00.

Saturday was my shopping trip and may I say that H&M is a wonderful store! Sarah and I had a blast and got some fabulous deals. I was thrilled with my purchases! We also formed a friendship in the process and I am so blessed to know her. She and Chris have 2 girls that are 3 years old and 9 months almost the same as our kids. We just had a lot in common and I really enjoyed our time. Too bad we don't live closer as I think she and I would become "besties." Anyways, the wedding was beautiful and the reception was so fun.

David's good friend Chris grabbed our camera and left us with this pic!!!

All in all, a wonderful time with everyone from the beginning of the trip until the end. Thanks to everyone for allowing our family to crash at your homes and take up LOTS of space with our baby items, suitcases, and wild kids who were super happy to be spoiled by grandparents. We love you all so much!