Monday, December 21, 2009

More On Christmas Fun

Well, I didn't stick to the blogging every few days on our Christmas activities, but at least I am back on here before the 25th with pictures and fun things to share.
Staying true to my favorite way of blogging, here is a list of what we have been up to at the Blevins Household...

1. Two weeks ago Chloe and I went to the Opryland Resort. My good friend gave me a 2 night package (she gets them through her work all the time) to use and when our girls' trip fell through at the last second, I decided to still go and just take Chloe. We had a blast!!! We walked around the resort and did EVERYTHING that there was to do. We rode the boat, the train, talked to Santa, threw tons of pennies in the fountains and made tons of wishes. We went shopping, ate cupcakes at Gigi's, watched movies, and rode the elevator for fun (Chloe's idea). It was just so much fun to spend that time with her. She was such a little grown-up the whole time. She greeted everyone with a "Merry Christmas" and was singing it as well. She ordered her own beverage at breakfast on Thursday morning and ordered coffee for me. It was hysterical. Then after breakfast that day, we went to see ICE - Charlie Brown. All I can say is AMAZING! We had a ball. We were not cold because we dressed properly and I bet we both went down the slides at least 8-10 times. Afterwards, we went back shopping for a bit while we waited on the boys to arrive (Brody and David). When they got there, we hung out as a family for a bit and then David took the kids back home and I stayed in a nice, peaceful, quiet hotel room alone for the first time since having Chloe. It was glorious. I love my kids and family, but I so enjoyed and needed that little time to myself.

ginormous Christmas tree

boat ride photo op

wreath hanging from near the ceiling

On the boat ride through the hotel

Posing by the flowers

Me and my girl

2. My parents came to visit last week also. We had a great time with them. I took my mom to see the Rockettes, and then all of us went to see ICE and went to Opry Mills. They got in some great time with the kidlets and the kids enjoyed the time with them.

Is this not amazing!?! Two billion pounds of ice used to do this entire exhibit and the temperature in there is a mere 5 degrees. Luckily, they give you parkas to wear.

3. Chloe had her Christmas party at her Parent's Day Out. David and I were both able to go and enjoy that time with her. They had coffee and donuts and other treats for us so we ate and then helped Chloe make reindeer food for Rudolph and the crew.

4. And finally, what's a post without mentioning something about a kid being sick. Brody has now been on antibiotics for the ear infection from you-know-where for 21 days and still has 7 more days to go. This would be his 4th infection since getting tubes in June. Poor baby. AND...Chloe decided to spike a fever over 102 this evening and is coughing and has coarse lung sounds. So...I've decided to add her PRN Albuterol back into her regimen and will start the Orapred tomorrow morning if she is not better. Why oh why can't we all get better here?!?


5L's said...

i know you're a nurse and maybe even against natural healing and i promise this is the last time i'll mention it :) but give the garlic oil a try for his poor ears. it can't hurt. we haven't had an ear infection in the house since using this method.

Kelly said...

Tell me about it again Laura. I totally forgot that you said it has worked wonders for your kiddos. I'm definitely not against natural healing and will try anything at this point to get him OFF medicine.

5L's said...

had to search for it but here's the link with the recipe,

5L's said...

good luck! i hope he feels better!

Kimberly and Jordan said...


Garlic oil rings a bell from my childhood..haha. Glad you had time to yourself-parents need it! Your hair is looking good, btw.