Monday, December 7, 2009

More Christmas Fun

Sunday night, we took the kids to see the Christmas lights down by the river. It was a great walk although it was FREEZING cold. Chloe's favorite part was simply running around through the tunnel, and Brody's favorite thing was the massive ball that was lit up. We walked the entire thing, took some great pics, and then bolted for the car. Seriously, it was COLD!

Then on Monday, I had 3 girlfriends and their kids come over and we made cookies for the kids to decorate. It was soooo much fun. In total, there were 4 moms, 7 kids, lots of laughter and playing, some tattle-ing (the 3 year olds), and lots of delicious gingerbread cookies. I absolutely love the girlfriends that God has placed in my life and find that doing life with them makes it much more bearable.

Today, (Tuesday)the kids had parents' day out so after school we just made it a fun family evening. David was off work because he went with me to the doctor so it was all 4 of us acting silly, laughing, playing, and pretending like crazy. And after Brody went to bed, Chloe got out all of her tea party things and we had the best tea party ever (those were her words - and ours too!). After that, we played dentist. I brushed and flossed her teeth and then she brushed and flossed mine. She said I did great and gave me a balloon, treat bag and a sticker. And then...we had a concert. It was so funny. She's quite the entertainer so you need to check out the video in the post above. TOO CUTE.

Here are some pics though to go with this post...

Kiddies and cookies

The girls in the tunnel of lights

The men

Me and my little boy - who is not so little anymore! Finally he is out of the 20th percentile for weight.

Cedrick - isn't he adorable?!? He will be 2 in a few weeks.

Big boy Brody attacking the cookie - he had green icing everywhere

Kirk loving his cookie decorating

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