Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Look Back at Brody

Look at how my baby has changed in 2009. Makes me happy to see him grow and develop into a smart little boy, but it makes me long for the days to be able to hold and cuddle him when he was just an infant.

January - still trying to learn to roll over

February - my little hunka' burnin' love

March - at his 6 month check up

April - Easter

May - Mother's Day

June - first haircut

July - at the Jump Zone

August - first birthday!!!

September - just hanging out in his bathroom with Chloe's play phone

October - helping clean out pumpkins for carving

November - at Chloe's birthday party

December - Naughty is the new Nice

1 comment:

5L's said...

they grow up so fast! your children are beautiful!