Saturday, December 5, 2009

Countdown to Christmas

This year has been so much fun in regards to getting ready for Christmas. Chloe totally understands about Santa coming this year, and she knows that Christmas is Jesus's birthday. She knows that on Christmas morning, if she's been good, that Santa will have left her presents, and she knows that in the afternoon we will be having a birthday party for Jesus. She's so excited. Brody is all about the Christmas decorations and does not care at all how many times I say the word "no" when he heads for the tree. He's determined to get a few ornaments touched before I can get to him. Truly I don't mind him touching though as to me Christmas is so magical and I want my kids to be able to enjoy all of it just as I do.

So, each day leading up to the 25th, we are doing a different craft or special activity related to Christmas. We have an advent calendar decoration and I've put slips of paper behind each door that tells what we will be doing on that day. So far we have finger-painted Christmas pictures, watched Frosty, watched Charlie Brown Christmas, and gone to the Christmas Parade. Tomorrow we will go see the lights at the river walk. We also have made a paper chain to countdown the days till Grammy and Op-Op come and Santa comes. It's been fun to let Chloe pull one off each day.

And for the big shocker this year...both of my children sat in Santa's lap!!! Chloe hasn't done this since she was 4 weeks old and Brody never has. Chloe was so cute telling Santa that she wanted a pink kitchen and a pink computer. And Brody ..., well he just tolerated the whole Santa experience long enough to get a cute picture.

So...lots of fun things to do this month for sure. I'll try to keep up the blogging as we go so it's not so much to catch up on later.

The kids getting into the ornaments. Gotta love Brody's expression. He KNOWS he is not supposed to be doing that but he really doesn't care.

Princess Chloe

Brody trying to get out of his stroller to get a better look at his first parade

kids totally consumed by something in the parade

Don't you just love that toothy grin?!? I could kiss those cheeks all day.

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5L's said...

sounds like y'all have been having fun! i have no motivation this year..haven't even pulled out the advent calendar for the kids but they don't realize they are missing anything, fortunately. i love how the girls are requesting pink things. leila wants a pink barbie, a pink bunny and a pink princess, she says. :)