Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Look Back at Chloe

January - reading about her favorite topic at that time - COOKIES

February - please find a cure before she grows boobs

March - scooter-ing up the driveway

April - Easter beauty

May - strawberry picking

June - playing at the fountains in Hendersonville

July - July 4th - Independant Girl

August - swinging at Brody's birthday

September - showing off that new haircut - goodbye to 8 inches!

October - on our way to Disney on Ice

November - our birthday girl!!! She's 3 now!

December - Merry Christmas

A Look Back at Brody

Look at how my baby has changed in 2009. Makes me happy to see him grow and develop into a smart little boy, but it makes me long for the days to be able to hold and cuddle him when he was just an infant.

January - still trying to learn to roll over

February - my little hunka' burnin' love

March - at his 6 month check up

April - Easter

May - Mother's Day

June - first haircut

July - at the Jump Zone

August - first birthday!!!

September - just hanging out in his bathroom with Chloe's play phone

October - helping clean out pumpkins for carving

November - at Chloe's birthday party

December - Naughty is the new Nice

Monday, December 28, 2009

Chloe's Home Dance "Recital"

Chloe has decided that she wants to be a "ballerina princess." So...I am going to enroll her in ballet classes in January and see how it goes. Here is a preview of her twirling skills. Oh, and she told me that she is going to wear her crown and tutu to her dance classes. Enjoy
Here is Brody telling Jesus "Happy Birthday."

Christmas Outfits

I can't for the life of me figure out why I didn't have the time to book official Christmas portraits this year for the kids. Somewhere between chemo brain, mommmy brain, Chloe being in the hospital, Brody having an ear infection for a month now, and Chloe getting pneumonia again, the past few months have gotten away from me and I simply didn't get it done. HOWEVER, I did take a few pics on the ol' trusty digital camera we have. So here are the not-so- professional pics of the little people...(Aunt Kimmie, we needed you here for this!)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Time, Oh Christmas Time

Christmas morning this year was really lots of fun. With Chloe being 3 now, she was really into the magical-ness (I know that's not really a word) and wonder of it all. She sang Frosty 1 million times, Jingle Bells almost as much, and Santa Clause is Coming To Town at least as much as Frosty. It was non-stop Christmas music and I loved it (for the most part). She asked me often if she was on the naughty or nice list and then wanted to know if our Elf on the Shelf (Ernie) was going to tell Santa if she had been good or bad that day.
Anyways, back to Christmas morning...when we let the kids into the living room to see what Santa had brought, Chloe's eyes lit up and Brody's eyes...well, he was still half asleep. It didn't take too long though for him to wake up and realize what was going on. They each got the big things from Santa that they wanted. Chloe got her pink retro kitchen and pink computer and Brody got his basketball goal and Scout. Then they also got some extra things for being so good this year. Oh, and the big thing was that Chloe gave her passys to Santa this year!!! She got extra special gifts for each passy she gave (which was all of them). We told her that Santa took those passys to the new babies at the hospital for their Christmas presents. It's gone really well...actually, it's gone a heck of a lot better than I ever dreamed it would.
Here are some pics of the morning...

Brody's loot

Chloe's loot

The special passy gifts that Santa left

We left cookies and milk for Santa and oatmeal with glitter in it for the reindeer. We were going to spread the oatmeal and glitter in the backyard (the glitter is for Santa to be able to see our house), but we were informed by Chloe that it was too windy to do that.

Coming into the living room and seeing Santa's gifts for the first time

Opening a new Fancy Nancy book

He was looking at his new Mickey Mouse phone, but then heard Scout the Puppy say "I love you Brody" and that totally got his attention. That's why he's holding the phone but staring at the bright green doggie

SCORE!!! Slam dunk actually...

Loving the pink retro kitchen

Hard at work on her new pink computer


Brody enjoying his fun new book about farms

Gator much fun. Now if I can just teach the kids to STOP trying to whack each other with the clubs. I caught Chloe chasing Brody down the hall with a club the other night!!!

Brody enjoying the birthday cake we made for Jesus

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve this year, we decided to let the kidlets open up the gifts from grandparents, aunts, uncles, and each other. Then on Christmas, they would get their gifts from us and from Santa. This was lots of fun! Here are the pictures from Christmas Eve. Sorry for the short narration, but truly the pictures say enough...

Being nice and sweet to each other

And now the fighting begins...sibling rivalry

And now they are hugging and making up because our Elf on the Shelf (Ernie) is watching their behavior and is leaving to report to Santa very soon.

Fun presents!

Waiting patiently for her pile to enlarge, and definitly eyeing Brody's pile at the same time.

Brody (aka Linus) refusing to put the blanket down even for presents. He was slightly confused at first but then got really into it.

Opening the gift from Uncle Jordan and Aunt Kim while holding a gift from Gramom and Grandad

Holding a stuffed Lightning McQueen car that Chloe got for him. She picked it out all by herself and was totally excited to give it to him. He actually squealed and took off with it. He LOVES that thing.

Playing on one of Chloe's cool gifts. It is a fitness game that plugs into the TV and she jumps, skips, and does whatever else it says. It's really neat.

Playing with his push-n-go car