Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Update on Chloe

Well, it was a rough night for Chloe. Her oxygen levels dropped to 85% so she required a good amount of oxygen. We will be here until she can get through a night without needing oxygen. Her pediatrician came by this morning and said on average that means 2-3 days. If we are lucky, we'll go home tomorrow afternoon, but it may be Friday. So...Chloe and I may be getting some delivery service from David for our Thanksgiving meal. He's frying a turkey and his mom is cooking the sides. Yum! Keep the prayers coming. Chloe is so crazy bored in here and jacked up from the steroids and Albuterol that it's hard to settle her.


5L's said...

so sorry you won't be home for thanksgiving! praying she recovers quicker than expected...i can only imagine how it must be having her trapped in there and not able to run and play. :(

Kimberly and Jordan said...

Bummer! A T-Giving you won't forget.