Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Should Be Sleeping But...

I can't. Instead I am sitting in a twin size hospital bed with my sweet Chloe watching her as she struggles to breathe. Watching her monitor as her oxygen level goes down into the 85% range. Watching her IV fluids drip into her little hand. And what do I think of? I think of Jesus watching her too. He's watching over her tonight and I know that...but I still can't sleep.
On Sunday night, Chloe started with a fever and coughing. By Monday morning, her temp was over 102 and she was struggling to breathe. That afternoon I took her to her pediatrician, had lots of tests done and came to the conclusion that she has a very bad pneumonia on her whole right side. We came home with instructions on how often to do her breathing treatments and an antibiotic as well. By 4:00 AM this morning, Chloe was yelling that she needed her breathing treatment. I brought her into our room and started her Albuterol immediately. I also called the doctor on call and let her know what was going on...a respiratory rate of 60 even after the breathing treatment, retractions, and wheezing with crackles. She told me to give another breathing treatment right away to see if 2 made a difference. I did that and since it worked a little we were able to hold off on bringing her to the doctor till 8:00. A Rocephin shot, 2 more breathing treatments and a steroid shot later, we still ended up in the peds unit at Gateway.
Pray for Chloe that her lungs start to heal soon. Pray that she gets some rest tonight in longer increments than 30 minutes. And finally pray for me as I sit here and watch her with a desperation like none other to just be able to switch places with her so that she could feel better.

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