Thursday, November 5, 2009


Halloween was lots of fun this year. Chloe dressed as Minnie Mouse and Brody was probably the cutest monkey on the face of the earth. Really...he was! We started out at 5:00 and were back home at 6:30 or so. Before leaving our house though, we went over the rules.
1. Hold Mommy or Daddy's hand at all times
2. Ring the doorbell only 1 time
3. Say trick-or-treat
4. Say thank you.

At the first house we came to, Chloe followed all of the rules...except #4. Instead of thank you, she said "I want more please." I reminded her of what she was supposed to say and she said it then whined that she wanted more. I explained that we go to lots of houses and will get more candy as we go. So then our routine was follow rules 1-4 then immediately say "let's go to next house." Brody was totally into going up to the doors also but as soon as someone would come to the door, he would cry and want to be picked up.

After we got home, the kids both dumped out their loot and dug into the candy. We discovered that Brody loves suckers and Chloe loves nearly everything called candy. Here are some pics. Enjoy our kids.

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