Monday, November 2, 2009

Girls' Day Out

Chloe and I had our monthly GDO last Friday. We dropped Brody off at school and set out for Nashville around 9:00. Our first stop was McDonald's in Joelton...yep, that's right we had to stop for a potty break for Chloe. She is still in the throws of potty training and when she tells me she has to go, the world stops for the potty. So, after that unplanned visit, we headed on down to Gigi's Cupcakes near Vanderbilt. This is an amazing cupcake bakery that I discovered on my many many trips to Vanderbilt over the past 6 months. They make the most amazing cupcakes EVER!!! And the best part, the girls who work there are awesome! They know me now even though I've only been 3 times (I'm thinking it's the no-hair thing) and know all about my family. So when I showed up with Chloe they were THRILLED. They let her tour the back where the girls were decorating which was really neat. Then we both chose a cupcake and milk and sat down to eat. Next, we went down to the Pretty in Pink Boutique in Franklin where I shopped after my surgery in February. I've become friends with the mastectomy specialist there so I wanted to stop in and let her know I am done with treatments and fill her in on everything. Chloe loved playing with Milo, her doggie and has talked about him a lot since then. Next, we went to Target at Cool Springs - Chloe's favorite store (and mine too). We had a blast just walking around looking at all of the toys, books, movies, Halloween things, and Christmas decorations.  It's too bad that blogger took off the video capability or I would post the cutest video of Chloe picking out her toy (a microphone) and singing into it throughout our entire visit to Target. Yep, she belted out Mary Had a Little Lamb, and Row Your Boat into the mic numerous times. It was really cute though and I got lots of  sweet comments about it. After Target, we headed back to Clarksville, but not without another potty stop at the BP off of exit 19 (YUCK - totally hate gas station bathrooms - especially for my kid).
All in all, the perfect girls' day out!!! I love these times alone with Chloe, and cannot wait until Brody is old enough to take him on date days.

Getting ready to dig into her cupcake

she picked a spider cupcake


singing into the microphone


5L's said...

haven't tried to post a video in awhile and didn't realize i couldn't anymore! what a bummer! i've been wanting to try one of those cupcakes. sounds like a great date! you're a good mommy! :)

Amy said...

The cupcakes look yummy! So glad you had a fun Mommy and Daughter day. By the way, Chloe looks so grown up with that haircut. She is getting to be such a big girl!