Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Birthday Girl!

My sweet girl turned 3 this past Sunday! It was such a fun day...yet a little sentimental too. I cannot believe that she is already 3. It literally seems like yesterday that I was holding her for the first time and falling in love with her instantly. I remember her crazy long jet black hair that she had at birth and the doctor telling me that he had never seen a baby with that much hair. I remember not wanting to sleep in the hospital because I didn't want to miss anything with her. I remember the pure fear that set in while we were driving home from the hospital with her. I remember her first bath at home and how she HATED it but calmed down immediately when I picked her up for cuddles. I remember her milestones and how I worried that she would never talk...now I worry that she won't stop talking :)
The past 3 years have been 3 years of more love, learning, and laughter for us in our household. I'm so blessed to have a daughter who is passionate about everything and has so much love in her heart.

Here are some pictures from her birthday. She had her party at the Jump Zone this year. She has lots of little friends now so I let her choose who she wanted to invite. Unfortunately, her list consisted of about 17  names, however we put the limit to 10. Everyone had a blast - including the parents. I think several us want to have adult birthday parties there. There are lots of pictures - just warning you.

The nursery care center that we got for her. She LOVES this thing

Giving baby a bath

Brody playing at the party before he was brave enough to hit the jumping things and slides

FUN TIMES coming down the slide

Her school buddy Aiden. How adorable is he and his hair?!?

Our friend Erin's baby - Braxton.

Sonya and her son Cedric

Chloe's friend Miguel getting ready to go down the slide

Me and Brody

And Brody going down by himself. He LOVED it. Such a little daredevil.

Jeremy and Cross coming down the biggest and fastest slide there.

Miguel, Kirk, Sydney and Chloe having a race through the obstacle course

Me and my girl - she's being silly

Miguel, Aiden and Aiden ready for cake

Everyone ready

Singing Happy Birthday

The Tinkerbell cake

Brody sitting on the inflatable throne

Brody LOVING the cupcake. He was a MESS!!!

Opening gifts

OK - in order from the front then left to right...Brody, Cross, Aiden, Miguel, Natasha, Sydney, Kirk, Chloe, Aiden - and you can't see Cedric.

After the party we came home and played tea party FOREVER.


5L's said...

love the pic of you and her together on the floor. you look stunningly beautiful!!

Amy said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Love the baby station. Looks like that will get lots of use. By the way, I lOVE your hair. It is growing back so quickly! You just look like you're glowing in these pics.