Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Activities...pumpkins and parties

Lots of fun things have been happening this month at the Blevins household. From picking pumpkins at the patch to carving them to having Halloween parties,  we have been busy. Here are some pictures of what we've been up to.

Brody loves pumpkins!

Helping me clean the insides out. Chloe kept yelling "Ewww, that's GROSS!"

Master Carver David

Halloween Party Decorations - we hosted an adult only Halloween Party last much fun.

Me and David in our footed PJ's...we were going as Chloe and Brody

Tim and Kate dressed as the chicken and the egg. So, what did come first? The chicken or the egg?

Joe and Erin dressed as fanatical Univ. of Kentucky fans.

Lynne and Woody...she's dressed as a masquerade-er, and he is an Iraqi Sheik. His costume is actually a real outfit from Iraq that he got when he was there during his deployments.

We also went to watch the big UT/Alabama gave at our friends' house. Lynne and Woody are HUGE bama fans and of course we are HUGE Vol fans so it was quite fun to get together for this event.

Me and Lynne (I made my shirt!)

Me, David, and Woody (notice his shirt)

Lynne and Woody

The Cake...we ate only the orange side


Kimberly and Jordan said...

Everyone's costume was awesome! Where did you find those adult pj's haha?!

5L's said...

looks like fun! love the idea of dressing up like the kids, lol!