Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Tradition

This morning, our family set out for Nashville at 6:35 AM.  We were on our way to our first ever Susan G Komen Race For The Cure. Excitement, nervousness, and reflectiveness are just a few words that describes how I was feeling on the drive down. When we got there though, my breath was totally taken away. It was literally a sea of pink. There was pink everywhere!!! People were dressed from head to toe in pink. There were men with pink wigs and tutu's and women with pink boas and leggings. I mean you name it and there it was.
The first place we went was to Race Village. There they had tents set up with vendors from all over. Free ice cream, free drinks, tons of free breast health information, free t-shirts, etc... But my favorite tent of all was the Survivor Tent. We headed in there and sat down to a hot breakfast first. It was a really special time for our family. Just looking around at all of the different ages of survivors was inspiring. I heard some saying that they were celebrating 20 years cancer free, 5 years, and then me...the new survivor with the hope and confidence that I too will be one of those ladies in 20 years still celebrating life in the survivor tent.
Around race time, we strolled the kids over to line up. We did the 5K walk and just enjoyed that time. Chloe was excited to be in a race and wanted to know if she was winning. Of course she thinks she won the race and I'm letting her think that! Anyways, at the very end of the race, they seperated the finish lines for survivors and supporters. Our family of 4 got to go down the survivor lane which was awesome. There were people lined up that were cheering for us, high-fiving us, clapping, and wishing us well as we walked down that pink carpet and underneath the pink balloon arch. I was handed a red rose and was just blown away. I started crying at that point. I was overtaken with emotion! There were actually several times today that David and I both remarked that we could just cry when we look out at everything and everybody. Someone actually came up to me and said, "I'm doing this for you." WOW! All I could manage was to hug her and tell her thank you. Again, breath taken away.

Here are a few pictures from this very special day that has now become a tradition for our family. We will be doing this race every October from this point forward.

before the race

big pink survivor ribbon balloon

Chloe being silly - her shirt was a BIG hit! There were people actually taking pictures of it. It says...Find a cure before I grow boobs.

Me and David getting ready to start the walk

Just a quick look at some of the people. I think there were around 20,000 people who participated this year.

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