Saturday, October 3, 2009

"I'm Mad"

Earlier this week, Chloe wanted cookies for breakfast. I told her that she could have either cheese toast, cereal, a breakfast bar, or something else (can't remember). She told me she didn't want any of those, but wanted cookies. I told her "no" and then she proceeded to tell me that I never feed her anything!!! At this point I'm rolling my eyes and told her that I was going to get Brody up and that she could choose one of those 4 things for breakfast. I came back down the hall and this picture is how I found her. She was sitting at the end of the hall waiting on me to see her. I asked her what was wrong and she replied, "I"M MAD!!!" Well, OK then, be mad but let me take your pic.
Then we went to the grocery store and I told her she could pick out what cereal she wanted this time so she was happy. Then, what do you know, she picks out Cookie Crunch! Dang it, she got me after all.

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5L's said...

lol, this reminded me of of post i forgot to do so i'm gonna now before i forget again! funny how they get us somehow, huh? :)