Thursday, September 17, 2009

Playing Catch Up

I finally found the camera charger so there are pictures with this post. However, first I want to update on what the kids are doing.

* is 13 months old now
* has had his second haircut which went WORSE than the first but looks adorable
* has 7 teeth now...4 on top and 3 on the bottom
* is taking unassisted steps when we work with him but would much prefer to crawl
* LOVES his big sister and laughs hysterically when they play together
* says "mama, da (dad), bur (bird), bah (ball), and dah (dog)
* eats like a champ (more on that later)
* is starting to be able to pick things out of a "line-up" (if I put 3 objects in a row and tell him to pick out a certain one, he can usually pick the right thing)
* has moved up to the Piglets class at longer in the baby nursery (sniff)
* tries to feed himself with a fork and spoon now
* going through seperation anxiety but boy when I come back does he get super super super excited which warms my heart

now, about the eating...

Little Brody who is only 21% in the weight category has the highest metabolism of anyone I know. Here is his typical day... BREAKFAST: bowl of instant oatmeal, whole banana, whole cup of milk, and some of my cheerios LUNCH: whole cheese sandwich, cup of yoplait yogurt (adult size, not the kiddie ones), and goldfish crackers...and a cup of milk SNACK: rice cake and cup of juice DINNER: 4 fish sticks, green beans (with ketchup on them), pudding, and a cup of milk is this boy STAYING in that weight category?!? He should be obese by now. Wish I had his metabolism!

* just got 8 inches of her hair cut off and looks absolutely ADORABLE
* is really getting into her baby dolls more and more everyday - her favorite is Emily
* enjoys also playing cars and trains with Brody and is also very into Thomas the Train now
* is very much into learning to write her name
* is becoming more and more independant every day as far as wanting to do everything by herself
* is asking WHY to everything we say (aaarrggghhhhh!)
* still loves to sing and if she is not talking, she's singing
* has decided that she no longer likes to eat breakfast or theory is this - she will eat when she's hungry and I'm not going to argue with her about it. It's a normal toddler thing.
* is still not interested in potty training - she tells me that she won't go pee-pee in potty because she doesn't want to - oh well, when Miss Indy (independant) decides she's ready, we'll pursue it.
* is so lovable and hugable right now. she loves getting and giving kisses, cuddling, hugging, and just being near.

Brody giving Chloe a piggy back ride...almost

Brody taking a few steps...still quite shaky

Isn't she just so sassy in this pic?

Back view


Kimberly and Jordan said...

This video is so funny! I love Chloe's haircut!

Kristi said...

What I'm trying to figure out is how on earth you manage to teach your kids so much when you've had so much else on your plate this year! (You make me look bad, friend!)

Love Chloe's new "do!" and Brody is so stinkin' cute! Ed's the same way with eating (not quite as much, tho). I can't wait for tomorrow to see how much he weighs and what %ile he's in. :)