Saturday, September 12, 2009

Been Gone A Lot Lately

So after my and David's trip to Mexico, we were home for 4 days and then I took off to North Carolina with the kids (David stayed home to catch up on work). It was a great trip to say the least. I was slightly nervous because I was going to be flying with both kids by myself, but honestly, on the way there they did GREAT! They were perfect little angels on the plane. Now before we actually boarded we did have 1 meltdown compliments of Chloe. She got to the end of the jetway, threw her bags down and refused to get on the plane. We had a little CTJM (come to Jesus meeting) and she proceeded to board and the line kept moving. Once we got to our seats she was fine and all went well.
While we were in NC, we stayed with my parents and were able to spend some great quality time with them. The kids played with new toys, went to new places, and got to just hang with Grammy and Op-Op. We also visited with my brother and his family, my aunts, uncles, grandmother, and cousins. I think my favorite part of the trip was seeing Chloe and Brody play with my nephews and niece. They were so cute playing together. My nephews are 13 and 6 and my niece is turning 1 this week (she and Brody are exactly 1 month apart). Sometimes I get a little sad that they are not going to grow up near their cousins like I did.
On Labor Day, we packed up and headed back to TN. This time the flight was a NIGHTMARE!!! The kids were AWFUL! They fought the entire flight back. Brody was pinching Chloe and pulling her hair and then to top it off he was touching her tray-table (oh the horror). She was yelling about it and fussing at him to stop. He was screaming back at her. Then when the turbulence started Chloe got upset and started yelling that she was scared and that she wanted to pray. I'm sure at this point that the other passengers were wishing that they had different seats. Finally with 10 minutes left, Brody fell into a hard sleep and the final 10 minutes of the flight were spent in peace and quiet.
We recovered the rest of the day at home and were rested up for the next day...FIRST day of PARENTS DAY OUT!!! Woo-Hoo!!!!!

Sorry to the family that there are no pics from the battery was dead and I can't find either charger for the camera. I'm working on it though.

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