Saturday, September 26, 2009

Awesome Week for the Blevins

This past week has just been great! Seriously, it's been GREAT!!! So here's a play by play (and for the fam, there will be pictures with the long post so bear with me).

MONDAY: got up at 6:30 and went on a 2 mile jog with my friend Erin. Then I took the kids to my friend Kelly's house while I went to radiation (from here on out will be called rads for short). After I was done with that, I went back to Kelly's and had girl time with her. We were able to just sit and chat for about 1.5 hours and talk about stuff. I really really value my friendship with her and consider her one of my mentors. She has such a sweet spirit about her and really really loves the Lord and seeks to follow His will at all costs. She's been such a blessing in my life.

TUESDAY: took the kids to parents day out, then went to rads. After that, I went to Lynne's house. She is the lady that I am starting the breast cancer care group with. We had lunch and chatted for a while. Then she took me over to the Athletic Club here in C'ville to show me the things they are doing for Breast Cancer awareness month. While there, I met another survivor who had the same surgeon as me and she just finished up her rads. I love meeting other people who have walked in my's like an instant bond that you have with them. Then I went to get the kids at school and took them to Sonic for slushies.

WEDNESDAY: got up and went on a 4 mile jog with Erin then came back home, showered, changed and met her and her kids at Chick-fil-A. Kirk and Chloe were able to play together which was fun. After that I went to rads then got a surprise visit. Kelly called and was out my way so she stopped over with her little one. So, we got another visit and the kids got playtime together.

THURSDAY: took the kids to parents day out, went to rads, then set off to Nashville for David. I had to go to another Chick-fil-A to get some things. When I got there, the other owner's wife called and wanted to have lunch together. I hadn't seen them since May so she and I had a totally unexpected lunch together. It was GREAT! I just considered this a total bonus in my day. After that, I picked up with kids from school and took them for flu shots. They did AWESOME!!! I was so proud of them.Then I was going to get Disney On Ice tickets for us next week and my friend called and told me not to get them because she had free ones for us!!!! BIG BONUS!!!!

FRIDAY: had an eye doctgor appointment then rads. After I got home, my friend Kate who I met at chemo came up to Clarksville from Franklin for a visit. We had such a good time just chatting and catching up with each other. She has finished chemo and is getting ready to have her surgery next week then she will do rads. After she left, it was time for the fam to load up and head to the Weatherford's for supper club (3 couples who get together each month for dinner). It was great. We ate, talked, and played Partini - one of the best games ever invented.

SATURDAY: OPERATION SERVE!!! This is a day when our church just simply serves the city. There are tons of projects to sign up for from rebuilding neighborhoods to stocking homeless shelters with food to loving on unwed pregnant teens etc... Just a big variety of ways to show the love of Jesus by serving others. Chloe and I served together this year by going to an assisted living facility and singing then doing crafts with the residents. You should have seen Chloe. She just loved and hugged on these "grandmas and grandpas" and was having a ball with them. She sang, did a craft, and ran around entertaining. It truly warmed my heart to the point of tears at seeing how loving she was to the elderly. Please watch the video of her doing just that. And now Jordan and Kim are coming and we are going to spend the rest of our weekend with them. So excited.

Brody vs. BBQ sauce...Brody = 0, BBQ = 1

I just love this picture! I've been talking to Chloe a lot about what it means to serve.

Me and my girl at the worship service before everyone went to their job sites

Chloe's favorite...Mr George or as he said "you can call me Georgie Porgie"

Chloe with Ms Isabell. She LOVED Chloe!

Chloe high-fiving all of the men!

All of the kids singing

Me with Mr Tom who was born in Italy!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Playing Catch Up

I finally found the camera charger so there are pictures with this post. However, first I want to update on what the kids are doing.

* is 13 months old now
* has had his second haircut which went WORSE than the first but looks adorable
* has 7 teeth now...4 on top and 3 on the bottom
* is taking unassisted steps when we work with him but would much prefer to crawl
* LOVES his big sister and laughs hysterically when they play together
* says "mama, da (dad), bur (bird), bah (ball), and dah (dog)
* eats like a champ (more on that later)
* is starting to be able to pick things out of a "line-up" (if I put 3 objects in a row and tell him to pick out a certain one, he can usually pick the right thing)
* has moved up to the Piglets class at longer in the baby nursery (sniff)
* tries to feed himself with a fork and spoon now
* going through seperation anxiety but boy when I come back does he get super super super excited which warms my heart

now, about the eating...

Little Brody who is only 21% in the weight category has the highest metabolism of anyone I know. Here is his typical day... BREAKFAST: bowl of instant oatmeal, whole banana, whole cup of milk, and some of my cheerios LUNCH: whole cheese sandwich, cup of yoplait yogurt (adult size, not the kiddie ones), and goldfish crackers...and a cup of milk SNACK: rice cake and cup of juice DINNER: 4 fish sticks, green beans (with ketchup on them), pudding, and a cup of milk is this boy STAYING in that weight category?!? He should be obese by now. Wish I had his metabolism!

* just got 8 inches of her hair cut off and looks absolutely ADORABLE
* is really getting into her baby dolls more and more everyday - her favorite is Emily
* enjoys also playing cars and trains with Brody and is also very into Thomas the Train now
* is very much into learning to write her name
* is becoming more and more independant every day as far as wanting to do everything by herself
* is asking WHY to everything we say (aaarrggghhhhh!)
* still loves to sing and if she is not talking, she's singing
* has decided that she no longer likes to eat breakfast or theory is this - she will eat when she's hungry and I'm not going to argue with her about it. It's a normal toddler thing.
* is still not interested in potty training - she tells me that she won't go pee-pee in potty because she doesn't want to - oh well, when Miss Indy (independant) decides she's ready, we'll pursue it.
* is so lovable and hugable right now. she loves getting and giving kisses, cuddling, hugging, and just being near.

Brody giving Chloe a piggy back ride...almost

Brody taking a few steps...still quite shaky

Isn't she just so sassy in this pic?

Back view

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Parents Day Out Rocks!

I just want to say a big THANK YOU to whoever came up with the Parents Day Out idea. Brody and Chloe both started this past Tuesday and it was great. Brody is in the 1 year old class and Chloe moved up to the 2's. I was a little worried about how she would feel having new teachers...especially since Brody has her old teacher, but she has done great. She loves Ms Suzanne and Ms Kelly! And Brody loves his teachers too. And me....well, I just love everyone there because it allows me 10 hours/week to run errands, work on my support group stuff, catch up with friends, and clean while being kid-free.

Been Gone A Lot Lately

So after my and David's trip to Mexico, we were home for 4 days and then I took off to North Carolina with the kids (David stayed home to catch up on work). It was a great trip to say the least. I was slightly nervous because I was going to be flying with both kids by myself, but honestly, on the way there they did GREAT! They were perfect little angels on the plane. Now before we actually boarded we did have 1 meltdown compliments of Chloe. She got to the end of the jetway, threw her bags down and refused to get on the plane. We had a little CTJM (come to Jesus meeting) and she proceeded to board and the line kept moving. Once we got to our seats she was fine and all went well.
While we were in NC, we stayed with my parents and were able to spend some great quality time with them. The kids played with new toys, went to new places, and got to just hang with Grammy and Op-Op. We also visited with my brother and his family, my aunts, uncles, grandmother, and cousins. I think my favorite part of the trip was seeing Chloe and Brody play with my nephews and niece. They were so cute playing together. My nephews are 13 and 6 and my niece is turning 1 this week (she and Brody are exactly 1 month apart). Sometimes I get a little sad that they are not going to grow up near their cousins like I did.
On Labor Day, we packed up and headed back to TN. This time the flight was a NIGHTMARE!!! The kids were AWFUL! They fought the entire flight back. Brody was pinching Chloe and pulling her hair and then to top it off he was touching her tray-table (oh the horror). She was yelling about it and fussing at him to stop. He was screaming back at her. Then when the turbulence started Chloe got upset and started yelling that she was scared and that she wanted to pray. I'm sure at this point that the other passengers were wishing that they had different seats. Finally with 10 minutes left, Brody fell into a hard sleep and the final 10 minutes of the flight were spent in peace and quiet.
We recovered the rest of the day at home and were rested up for the next day...FIRST day of PARENTS DAY OUT!!! Woo-Hoo!!!!!

Sorry to the family that there are no pics from the battery was dead and I can't find either charger for the camera. I'm working on it though.