Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Water Park Fun

Today I decided to have a "girl's day out" with just me and Chloe. We took sweet Brody to school this morning and then ventured off. We started out with breakfast at McDonald's and a little play time and then went on to Fort Campbell to meet our friends for a playdate. There is the cutest water park on base that is beside of a huge play park. The kids had a blast and we enjoyed our adult conversation for sure. The only snag in the day was that when I got on post I couldn't find the registration in my glove box so I couldn't get the "OK" to come on base. We were going to try it anyways but decided instead to just put Chloe's carseat in my friend's car and just carpool on with her. Here are a few pics from the day and then some pics that I had promised last week. One is from when my parents were here and a few are from Kirk's birthday party (Kirk is a little boy that Chloe is friends with and we are good friends with his parents. They definitly have a cute little friendship!)

Chloe and this little girl kept wanting the same fountain. Chloe would NOT let her even put one foot on it. We've got some sharing to learn...

Chloe and Ced running and playing

Fun in the water

The kids with my parents...Grammy and Op-Op (was supposed to be papa, but Chloe has always just called him op-op so that's how the name came about)

Brody and Cord bouncing in the baby bounce house.

Brody in the baby bounce house

Chloe playing at Kirk's birthday party. It was at the Jump Zone

My big boy!

Playing together

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