Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Real Quickly

Brody had his 12 month check up today at his pediatrician. He is 21 pounds (21%), and 29.5 inches (42%). He's doing everything on track or ahead of time and is just growing so fast. We can finally turn his carseat around to face forward so that will be a treat for him. He took 3 shots like a little man today and didn't shed as much as 1 tear. He screamed, but no tears and was all smiles when I picked him up. He has 6 teeth and is cutting a 1 year molar. He is waving now, pointing, and says mama, dada, brrr (for a car sound) and oooo (for a train sound). He signs for "more" and sometimes will also sign "eat". He is beginning to have food preferneces and the pickiness has started. A food that he loves one day, he throws off his plate the next and won't have any part of it.
So that's my little Brody-man in a nutshell.

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