Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hola! Buenos Dias!!!

That is the greeting we received EVERY morning by every employee at the Palace Resort Cozumel last week. It was pure heaven!
David and I woke up last Sunday morning and set off to the airport for a week long vacation that we both desperately needed after these past 8 months. We arrived in Cozumel around 2:00 and were taken to our hotel...our palace really. We were met at the door with a cool wet hand-towel and a drink of some sort. Afterwards we were taken up to our room to settle in. We were amazed! I'll save details because I took pics and they speak for themselves.
While we were there, we snorkled A LOT and saw some beautiful fish, coral, and baracudas. We also walked downtown for that experience which was pretty neat. But mostly, we stayed in the pool almost everyday from 10-6. Then we would go shower and come back down for dinner and the nightly show. While we were at the pool though, waiters would come by and take drink orders, food orders, etc... and if you were in the pool, there was a swim up bar you could eat at. We seriously didn't want for ANYTHING.
We met a few other couples there without their children too so we hung out with them some of the week. They were from Houston and Las Vegas. We had a few dinners with them as well but mostly we just spent our time together and enjoying each other's company.
We got back late late late Friday night and when I peeked in Chloe's room (I couldn't go to be without checking on the kids), she woke up long enough to ask if I had fun in Mexico and then went back to sleep. The next morning I was greeted with an "I love you so much mommy. I'm glad you're back from Mexico. I missed you so much." And Brody greeted me when I went to get him out of bed by clapping when he saw me. I was happy to be home with my family again, but secretly wish I could have brought a few of the waiters back with me.

*** oh, airport story real quick***
EVERY time I travel, something happens. Either lost bags or missed flights or delays or canceled get the point. So when we get to Houston for our connection from Cozumel, we had to enter back through US customs. We get in line which was a million people long but moved relatively quickly. When we finally get put in an actual lane to go through and talk with the border patrol people, we stopped moving. It was insane!!! There were only 4 people in front of us and we stood in that line a super long time! A customs guy walked by and David got a little lippy with him (I will spare you details) because we were 40 minutes from missing our flight. We finally got through, grabbed our bags from baggage claim, got them back through customs security and took off to our gate. I took off my shoes and we hauled it through the airport. We get to our gate with about 10 minutes to spare. Then we were told by the gate agent that our gate had been moved to the OTHER END OF THE TERMINAL! Houston is a huge airport!!! So we took off running the other direction and I'm sure we looked ridiculous. We get to our real gate with about 3 minutes to spare and are the last ones on the plane. As soon as we taxi back from the gate, a HUGE storm comes and they shut the entire airport down!!! So we've just done all this running and panicking for NOTHING. We sat on the plane for over an hour before we were able to leave but we made it back nonetheless. So, David still declares that he needs to travel seperately from me because nothing crazy ever happened when he traveled before we met.

OK - Here are the pics...enjoy. There were too any to choose from so I just picked a few.

view of the reef from pool deck

Our room...we had chocolate covered strawberries, wine and chilled champagne waiting on us when we got to our room

the view from the plane as we were landing


This was a picture taken at the dinner show one night. It was the best fire show I have EVER seen!

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