Tuesday, August 18, 2009

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY TO BRODY!!!! (warning there are LOTS of pics)

Today our little baby becomes a little boy. He is 1 today!!! No longer an infant, which totally breaks my heart but one thing I have learned is that no matter how old he gets, he will always be my baby boy.
We had a small birthday gathering for him over the weekend with my family who was in town visiting and some other close friends and nieghbors of ours. We had a great time celebrating Brody so I wanted to share some pics of my baby's special day. Enjoy these as my sister in law takes fabulous pics so she was our photographer for the weekend.

birthday kiss from Chloe

Daddy and son

Uncle Jordan with Brody

let us out please!

I love cake!

Mommy and her baby

Eating more cake

Natasha - she and Chloe met when Chloe was just 4 months old and Natasha was 9 months old

Hailey - our neigbor who is 17 months old

Baby Einstein cake

admiring gifts

Cedrick - Natasha's little brother

Kirk and Chloe being silly together as always

the cakes

Uncle Jordan with Brody again - they quickly became buddies this weekend

Mommy and baby

Aiden and Kirk

Chloe enjoying the swings

Sprinkler fun and the men in the background playing corn-hole

the 2 new additions to our group...Noah (11 weeks) and Braxton(10 weeks). I could kiss these baby cheeks all night! So sweet!!!

Jordan with Brody's slinky dog gift

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5L's said...

happy bday brody! just love the black and white photo!!