Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wishes, Gorillas, and Showers

So last night after we ate dinner, Chloe wanted to go down and play in the backyard. We had grilled and eaten outside so I made a deal with David that I would do all of the dinner clean up if he would take the kids to play on the playground. So, down they went and I got to work. The next thing I know, they are coming back in as both of them are cranky and needing to sleep. I got Brody ready for and in bed while David decided that Chloe needed a bath to rinse the sand off of her (she had also played in the sandbox). Then, I hear my sweet little 2 year old in MY bathroom. David had put her in the shower to rinse her off, but she liked it so much that she wanted to take a full bath. She stayed in that shower FOREVER! And of course was just way thrilled to tell me that she had been in mommy's shower. So at the ripe old age of 2.5 years old, my child took her first shower. Too cute! Here are a few pics...I couldn't resist documenting this "momentous" occasion.

Also, we went to Opry Mills yesterday with a good friend, Lynne Woodson. Chloe LOVES her some Lynne. Everything is all about "Miss Win." Anyways, I took a couple of cute pics of her throwing pennies into the fountain but the funny thing is that before she would throw them in, she would kiss them and THEN toss them. I have no idea where she learned this. And then we had to hit our favorite kid-friendly restaurant (besides Chick-fil-A), Rainforest Cafe, to eat with the elephants. We had a blast and both kids were asleep within 5 minutes of being back on the road. Great day!

Happy Brody...who will be ONE in just 5 weeks!!!

Chloe and Lynne admiring the gorillas

Making a wish

Posing...yes she has a kid leash on because last time she was at Opry Mills she ran away from my mom (I was in a store shopping) and my mom had to chase her through the mall. And it ended up being a kiosk girl who caught her for my mom. So now, she is on leash.

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5L's said...

gotta love the can be a lifesaver! so cute in the shower...all 3 of mine enjoy a shower in our shower too!