Sunday, July 5, 2009

We Love July 4th!

July 4th this year was lots of fun. Great family time with lots of new experiences for Chloe...and Brody of course.
We started the morning off by just hanging out. We took the kids with us to look for a new kitchen table. Then after that was done, we went down the the Cumberland River and let them play at the park. THAT was fun!!! Chloe had a blast. She was ALL OVER that playground and Brody enjoyed going down the slides with me. At least I think he did...he grinned the whole time. Then, we went actually down to the river and walked alongside of it and watched some boats pass. Now, Chloe wants a boat. Geesh, whatever happened to kids wanting Barbie's?!? Next, we walked over to Wendy's for lunch where Chloe totally lost control so we packed up the 1/2 eaten meals and loaded back into the car for the journey home which still included a stop at Kroger and the fireworks stand. We survived those 2 stops with little tantruming, got home, took naps, and then had Part 2 of our day (part 1 is always pre-nap and part 2 is post-nap).
So, part 2 consisted of all of us suiting up in our swimsuits and hitting the backyard pool, sprinklers, and playground. Brody and I had a blast splashing in the pool while Chloe and David ran through sprinklers together and played on the swings. This lasted about 45 minutes and then the storms started rolling in. These were mild compared to the tornados that came about 5 hours later.
After we got everyone in, changed, and settled down with an episode of Wonder Pets, our friends came over to celebrate with us. David grilled chicken and corn. They brought over baked beans and dessert and we had a great time devouring it all! After dinner is when the tornado sirens started going off so we cleaned up really quickly and all headed down to the basement to play (luckily our kids' playroom is downstairs so there was plenty to keep the kids occupied). David and Charlie though went outside to play in the storm with fireworks...decided right then I would never understand the mind of a man.
After the storms passed, we enjoyed setting off our fireworks all together and I LOVED watching the kids expressions. They were SO SO SO EXCITED!!! Chloe kept yelling "look mom!" and "be careful dad" and many other cute things. Unfortunately, Brody was well asleep at this point and missed the fireworks...he was exhausted. I made him stay up during the tornado episode because I wanted him downstairs with us where it was safe and by the time it had passed, he was out within a minute of being laid in his crib.
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and took some time to think of our military men and women, their families, and the sacrifices they make everyday.

Pretty little July 4th girl

Brother Sister holiday bonding

Chloe and our neighbor, Hailey, playing in the pool together. She is 16 months old.

Brody having fun with his diving rings

our cupcakes

"look mommy!"

Chloe, Carter, and Katlyn watching fireworks from the garage. It was raining so we opened the back of the Explorer and sat them inside to watch. They had fun!

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Lynne said...

Glad you all had a wonderful day! I was exhausted reading all you did for the day!! lol