Tuesday, July 21, 2009


That has been the "word of the day" for the past few weeks around this house. Chloe, my super cute and mostly sweet 2 year old is becoming more of a sassy, "I do it myself", "no mommy", "get out my room" little monster. Those phrases, especially the last one, should not be said until she is at least a teenager...or so I thought. So, I have taken to reading a lot of books about discipline to figure out what to do with her when she gets in her moods. My favorite so far has been Raising a Strong Willed Child by Dr. Dobson. I really think he wrote that book a long time ago just for me and Chloe. There is a quote in there that perfectly describes my little girl..."I should have known she was going to be strong willed when she came out of the womb smoking a cigar, yelling at the nurses, and complaining about the temperature." HA! That's hysterical, but true! I mean really, I knew she was going to try to do things on her own terms when I was induced on her due date and she was still born LATE!!! Own timing...

So, on to what is working for us. I was doing the 1-2-3-timout method, but Chloe became too smart for that. She would push us to 3 and a lot of times and then I was too frustrated by that point to even deal with it. So now, she gets 1 warning and then to timeout immediately if the behavior is repeated. Here's how it goes:

Me: Chloe, you do NOT tell mommy "no." This is your warning. Do you understand?
Chloe: Yes ma'am (most of the time)
Chloe: No, or I don't want to, etc...
Me: Chloe, you are going to timeout. (then I sit her in the chair and tell her that timeout has begun)
After timeout, she must apologize for what she has done (I sorry mommy for saying no and not listening) and then she has to tell God that she is sorry. So we say a little prayer.
And that is what is working...at least for now.

Now the funny part is that the other day she was kicking a ball in the living room and she accidentally kicked it into the TV. It was purely an accident and was no big deal at all. I told her just to be careful and to kick the ball softly. She immediately came over and said "mommy, let's pray." It was cute. I told her that Jesus knew it was an accident but she wanted to pray anyways. And she's done that a few other times too when she's wanted to thank God for something. I was changing her diaper and put powder on her diaper rash. She said "thank you mommy, my tooshie's all better. Let's pray." So we prayed and she thanked Jesus for making her tooshie all better. Too CUTE!!!

So, we are getting there in the discipline department I think. Now I need to work on how to get her to share consistently with her brother.

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