Saturday, July 18, 2009

11 Months Old

I CANNOT believe that my sweet baby is 11 months old today. He has been such a joy in his short little life that I excitedly look forward to the many years ahead with him.
So, here are some things that Brody is doing now...
* he is the fastest crawler on the block! He zooms around EVERYWHERE!
* he is cruising the furniture like a pro now
* he is completely off of bottles...loves his sippy cups
* he is almost off of baby food (I'm lazy at times and think meals in a jar are much more convenient). however, he LOVES all table foods and eats like a boss hog!
* he is loving torturing his sister by getting into her toys. he will just sit and smile when she flips out after he's grabbed her toys
* his smile could go on forever. he smiles ALL DAY LONG.
* he has learned some sign language and uses it when he is eating and wants "more"
* he still has only 4 teeth but there is a 5th one trying to cut through
* he is 19.5 pounds (lost a little weight when he got sick) and 30 inches
* he wears a size 3 diaper and 12 month clothes (some 12-18 months)
* he LOVES his daddy sooooo much. You should see the way he lights up when daddy walks in the room.
* he has no fear...he's escaped through the baby gate and fell down our stairs, he has learned to climb into Chloe's bed and bounce around, he has whacked his head and face on the entertainment stand so often that it's no big deal to him anymore. he's had a black eye and fat lip from his falls. Geesh...he may be the one with frequent flier miles to Vanderbilt Children's as he gets older.

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