Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lots Going On

Last week, my parents came back for a visit while David went out of town to visit his brother and have a "guy's weekend." They got here on Wednesday night and stayed until Sunday afternoon. It was soooo nice to have them here and visit with them. I felt good the whole time they were here except for the dreaded Saturday (when the chemo steroids wear off and I hit a brick wall.) Every Saturday is like that though so I knew what to expect. However, Friday was awesome (with the exception of my hubby leaving). David left that morning to go to Atlanta, and a bit later we packed up the kids and went to Chuck E Cheese. 3 adults and 2 kids...they were outnumbered and totally manageable. We stayed a little over an hour and then headed on to Kohl's and Chick-fil-A for lunch (we didn't eat at CEC). After that we came home and the kids and my parents rested and I went and ran on the treadmill 2.7 miles. I'm telling you that on Fridays (since we added more steroids to the regiment) I still have the steroids in my system and feel fantastically energetic...almost crazy. Then Saturday I got up and had a massage done that morning and came back home where I stayed in bed until dinner time. Sunday was church (which was AWESOME) and I took my parents back to the airport. Chloe cried for about 10 minutes after we dropped them off and kept saying "grammy, op-op come back please." It was HEARTBREAKING! I finally calmed her by explaining that we would be going to see them at their house soon. She responded by asking if she could drive the plane's steering wheel when we went and I just told her yes to make her happy. Now she will probably throw a holy fit when we board the plane and she doesn't get to, but I'll deal with that then.

Anyways, let's see...oh, Brody has begun standing without holding on to anything for about 10 seconds at a time. He will be walking soon I'm afraid. I can't believe that the baby can even be old enough to do this already. Time has flown since he arrived last August. He's cutting 2-3 teeth right now too which is not going well at all. He's absolutely miserable and it's so sad to see him in pain. I'm praying they hurry and break through so he can have some comfort. Also, I'm thinking he is allergic to cheese so I stopped giving it to him and will do a "cheese challenge" in a few more days to see if that's the culprit. If not, it must have been a GI virus (which is what I am praying).
Chloe is doing well. She's been super clingy to me lately which honestly I'm really enjoying. It's a new thing that has happened since I was in the hospital last month for 5 days. She clings to me if I leave her (which makes it hard), but as soon as I walk in the door, she is THRILLED to see mommy!!! She will run up and throw her arms around my neck, ask if I went to the doctor or to chemo, and will kiss me. She has the biggest heart! She actually told me the other day that that she would be right back because she had to leave and go get chemo and then rode her car up to the top of the driveway and back. It was really funny since she has no idea what she is even talking about.
That's all for now. Enjoy a few new pics (they are coming when my battery charges up)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brother/Sister Bonding

This is a HUGE deal for us...watching Chloe and Brody roll around and play together. Both were thrilled and I was able to get great video of it. Turn your volume up and enjoy the priceless laughter!


That has been the "word of the day" for the past few weeks around this house. Chloe, my super cute and mostly sweet 2 year old is becoming more of a sassy, "I do it myself", "no mommy", "get out my room" little monster. Those phrases, especially the last one, should not be said until she is at least a teenager...or so I thought. So, I have taken to reading a lot of books about discipline to figure out what to do with her when she gets in her moods. My favorite so far has been Raising a Strong Willed Child by Dr. Dobson. I really think he wrote that book a long time ago just for me and Chloe. There is a quote in there that perfectly describes my little girl..."I should have known she was going to be strong willed when she came out of the womb smoking a cigar, yelling at the nurses, and complaining about the temperature." HA! That's hysterical, but true! I mean really, I knew she was going to try to do things on her own terms when I was induced on her due date and she was still born LATE!!! Own timing...

So, on to what is working for us. I was doing the 1-2-3-timout method, but Chloe became too smart for that. She would push us to 3 and a lot of times and then I was too frustrated by that point to even deal with it. So now, she gets 1 warning and then to timeout immediately if the behavior is repeated. Here's how it goes:

Me: Chloe, you do NOT tell mommy "no." This is your warning. Do you understand?
Chloe: Yes ma'am (most of the time)
Chloe: No, or I don't want to, etc...
Me: Chloe, you are going to timeout. (then I sit her in the chair and tell her that timeout has begun)
After timeout, she must apologize for what she has done (I sorry mommy for saying no and not listening) and then she has to tell God that she is sorry. So we say a little prayer.
And that is what is least for now.

Now the funny part is that the other day she was kicking a ball in the living room and she accidentally kicked it into the TV. It was purely an accident and was no big deal at all. I told her just to be careful and to kick the ball softly. She immediately came over and said "mommy, let's pray." It was cute. I told her that Jesus knew it was an accident but she wanted to pray anyways. And she's done that a few other times too when she's wanted to thank God for something. I was changing her diaper and put powder on her diaper rash. She said "thank you mommy, my tooshie's all better. Let's pray." So we prayed and she thanked Jesus for making her tooshie all better. Too CUTE!!!

So, we are getting there in the discipline department I think. Now I need to work on how to get her to share consistently with her brother.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

11 Months Old

I CANNOT believe that my sweet baby is 11 months old today. He has been such a joy in his short little life that I excitedly look forward to the many years ahead with him.
So, here are some things that Brody is doing now...
* he is the fastest crawler on the block! He zooms around EVERYWHERE!
* he is cruising the furniture like a pro now
* he is completely off of bottles...loves his sippy cups
* he is almost off of baby food (I'm lazy at times and think meals in a jar are much more convenient). however, he LOVES all table foods and eats like a boss hog!
* he is loving torturing his sister by getting into her toys. he will just sit and smile when she flips out after he's grabbed her toys
* his smile could go on forever. he smiles ALL DAY LONG.
* he has learned some sign language and uses it when he is eating and wants "more"
* he still has only 4 teeth but there is a 5th one trying to cut through
* he is 19.5 pounds (lost a little weight when he got sick) and 30 inches
* he wears a size 3 diaper and 12 month clothes (some 12-18 months)
* he LOVES his daddy sooooo much. You should see the way he lights up when daddy walks in the room.
* he has no fear...he's escaped through the baby gate and fell down our stairs, he has learned to climb into Chloe's bed and bounce around, he has whacked his head and face on the entertainment stand so often that it's no big deal to him anymore. he's had a black eye and fat lip from his falls. Geesh...he may be the one with frequent flier miles to Vanderbilt Children's as he gets older.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wishes, Gorillas, and Showers

So last night after we ate dinner, Chloe wanted to go down and play in the backyard. We had grilled and eaten outside so I made a deal with David that I would do all of the dinner clean up if he would take the kids to play on the playground. So, down they went and I got to work. The next thing I know, they are coming back in as both of them are cranky and needing to sleep. I got Brody ready for and in bed while David decided that Chloe needed a bath to rinse the sand off of her (she had also played in the sandbox). Then, I hear my sweet little 2 year old in MY bathroom. David had put her in the shower to rinse her off, but she liked it so much that she wanted to take a full bath. She stayed in that shower FOREVER! And of course was just way thrilled to tell me that she had been in mommy's shower. So at the ripe old age of 2.5 years old, my child took her first shower. Too cute! Here are a few pics...I couldn't resist documenting this "momentous" occasion.

Also, we went to Opry Mills yesterday with a good friend, Lynne Woodson. Chloe LOVES her some Lynne. Everything is all about "Miss Win." Anyways, I took a couple of cute pics of her throwing pennies into the fountain but the funny thing is that before she would throw them in, she would kiss them and THEN toss them. I have no idea where she learned this. And then we had to hit our favorite kid-friendly restaurant (besides Chick-fil-A), Rainforest Cafe, to eat with the elephants. We had a blast and both kids were asleep within 5 minutes of being back on the road. Great day!

Happy Brody...who will be ONE in just 5 weeks!!!

Chloe and Lynne admiring the gorillas

Making a wish

Posing...yes she has a kid leash on because last time she was at Opry Mills she ran away from my mom (I was in a store shopping) and my mom had to chase her through the mall. And it ended up being a kiosk girl who caught her for my mom. So now, she is on leash.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

We Love July 4th!

July 4th this year was lots of fun. Great family time with lots of new experiences for Chloe...and Brody of course.
We started the morning off by just hanging out. We took the kids with us to look for a new kitchen table. Then after that was done, we went down the the Cumberland River and let them play at the park. THAT was fun!!! Chloe had a blast. She was ALL OVER that playground and Brody enjoyed going down the slides with me. At least I think he did...he grinned the whole time. Then, we went actually down to the river and walked alongside of it and watched some boats pass. Now, Chloe wants a boat. Geesh, whatever happened to kids wanting Barbie's?!? Next, we walked over to Wendy's for lunch where Chloe totally lost control so we packed up the 1/2 eaten meals and loaded back into the car for the journey home which still included a stop at Kroger and the fireworks stand. We survived those 2 stops with little tantruming, got home, took naps, and then had Part 2 of our day (part 1 is always pre-nap and part 2 is post-nap).
So, part 2 consisted of all of us suiting up in our swimsuits and hitting the backyard pool, sprinklers, and playground. Brody and I had a blast splashing in the pool while Chloe and David ran through sprinklers together and played on the swings. This lasted about 45 minutes and then the storms started rolling in. These were mild compared to the tornados that came about 5 hours later.
After we got everyone in, changed, and settled down with an episode of Wonder Pets, our friends came over to celebrate with us. David grilled chicken and corn. They brought over baked beans and dessert and we had a great time devouring it all! After dinner is when the tornado sirens started going off so we cleaned up really quickly and all headed down to the basement to play (luckily our kids' playroom is downstairs so there was plenty to keep the kids occupied). David and Charlie though went outside to play in the storm with fireworks...decided right then I would never understand the mind of a man.
After the storms passed, we enjoyed setting off our fireworks all together and I LOVED watching the kids expressions. They were SO SO SO EXCITED!!! Chloe kept yelling "look mom!" and "be careful dad" and many other cute things. Unfortunately, Brody was well asleep at this point and missed the fireworks...he was exhausted. I made him stay up during the tornado episode because I wanted him downstairs with us where it was safe and by the time it had passed, he was out within a minute of being laid in his crib.
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and took some time to think of our military men and women, their families, and the sacrifices they make everyday.

Pretty little July 4th girl

Brother Sister holiday bonding

Chloe and our neighbor, Hailey, playing in the pool together. She is 16 months old.

Brody having fun with his diving rings

our cupcakes

"look mommy!"

Chloe, Carter, and Katlyn watching fireworks from the garage. It was raining so we opened the back of the Explorer and sat them inside to watch. They had fun!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Brody's First...

HAIRCUT!!! He was in desperate need of having his hair cut...not trimmed, but actually cut. So of course I grabbed the camera and off we went to Laura's for his first time in the chair. I can't say he was thrilled, but in his defense, I had to wake him from his nap, he's 10 months old and has stranger anxiety, and he was a bit hungry. He did good overall and I can no longer call him Baby Brody. With his new "do" he is now "Man Blevins."

Getting ready...

So not happy!

Really irritated at this point.

Also, we have recently taken the kids down to Indian Lakes for a day of portraits, dancing fountains, and ice cream. It was so much fun. My mom and I first took them into Portrait Innovations for some spring pics. It took Brody all of 5 seconds to start smiling and having fun with the camera, but Chloe...well let's just say that it took her a LOT longer with a little bit of bribery to get her to cooperate. After the photo session though, we let her play in the fountains and then took the kids to get ice cream and cool down a bit. We had such a fun day!