Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Well, my family survived the nasty stomach bug and we NEVER EVER EVER want it again. It was absolutely miserable. Generally if one is sick, the other can pick up the slack and carry on, but this time, we all 4 were sick nearly at the same time and at the end of it, my body decided it hadn't had enough and got it again. UGH! Thankfully though, we are all feeling great now.

So, on to the kiddos.
BRODY is having surgery on Monday. After his 5th ear infection in just 3 months, the ENT decided that it was time. We will take him in at 9:00 and should be back home by 11:00. Can't believe this will be my little guy's second surgery in his short 9 months of life. For now though, he is doing wonderfully. He's happy, he's healthy, he's growing up and he's just the sweetest little baby boy on planet Earth. In the past week, he's learned to crawl, can pull up on ANYTHING, is cruising around, and has gotten his THIRD tooth. Oh, and how could I forget that in the midst of all the mobility, he has gotten a black eye and fat lip from pulling up and falling on the TV stand. Whew...he's had a busy week. And to go with all of that, he has learned the art of taking Chloe's toys. FUN TIMES!

CHLOE is just the funniest little girl right now. I am always amazed at the things that come out of her mouth. For instance, here are some of my most recent faves:
1. Chloe: Mommy, I'm sorry
Me: What are you sorry for?
Chloe: Cause I so cute...
2. Mommy, I think I need go get chemo.
3. Mommy, I wanna go beach. I need to rest.
4. Chloe: "NO MOMMY"
Me: Chloe, you do not tell mommy no
Chloe: May I say "no way?"
And the list really could go on. Seriously she has me either laughing hysterically or ready to put her in time out most of everyday. This is really one of my favorite stages because you don't really ever know what she is going to do or say. Anyways, she's doing really good developmentally. Knows all letters, sounds they make, and can sound out a few words (cat, bat, and hat). She counts to 20 and can sometimes count to it in Spanish thanks to Dora. She still loves to sing and is still singing Frosty the Snowman from time to time. Clearly that was a fave at Christmas. Knows all of her colors and will tell you that her favorite is pink. She has become obsessed now with The Wonder Pets. It's a cute little show with a catchy tune. Thankfully we are nearly done with Dora. The main issue we are having right now is SHARING. Whew... we have had some battles with this and while I know it's normal at this age to not want to share and not understand why she has to, it's still embarassing. Any moms with young kids who would like to tell me what you have done to remedy this problem, feel free to make a comment.

And that's about it. Oh, my parents are coming in today and we are super excited. David's parents were here for Memorial Day weekend and we really enjoyed having them here to visit with and help us out. We even got a date day out of it!!! Hopefully we'll get another few dates this month as my mom will be staying until July.

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