Monday, June 22, 2009


These are just random pictures because I am WAY far behind on posting for the grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.... I guess the biggest things that we have done as of recent are strawberry picking, playing on the new playground set at our house, and feeding the ducks at the park. Enjoy the pictures and more to come soon.

Isn't he looking a bit tall for 9 months old??!! Well, he is! 78% in height...measuring at an enourmous 30 inches.

our 2 favorite ducks

Chloe always wants to go "higher...harder!" Such a daredevil.

Brody LOVES his swing!

check out those strawberries. we made strawberry shortcake with them.

Brody enjoyed the day too. He just wanted to play in the dirt though. Guess that's what boys do, huh? And just the opposite is Chloe who screams that dirt is "GROSS!"

Carefully inspecting each berry

Off she goes down the rows.


5L's said...

loves those braids in her hair!

Bullock Family said...

Ok, so Chloe is making me want a girl so bad I can taste it! Lord, get us settled in our future calling and let this momma get her hands on her very own princess!!!!!