Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

We have encountered the gift that keeps on giving at our house this week. Yep, that's right... THE SUPER STOMACH VIRUS!!! Brody started with it on Sunday...4 days of diarrhea which equaled about 2 bedsheet changes/day, 12 diapers/day, lots of Butt Paste, wipes, and fussiness, oh and a co-pay for the doctor to tell me I was doing everything right and that this may last a while...ARGH!!! Of course, after going to the doctor, the diarrhea all but stopped and my baby has become happy again.
THEN, the virus moved on to me. Won't go into details but let's just say I lived in the bathroom for 24 hours and nearly passed out on several occasions. After a call to my oncologist though and a prescription called in, I started coming out of the bathroom and was able to sleep it off last night and feel great today!
THEN, Chloe got the virus. Luckily though, hers was just a major vomit of red juice all over the living room carpet. Just a one time occurence and a couple of small spit-ups/dry heaves and she was done. So we assumed that the virus was losing its steam and dying... UNTIL TONIGHT.
NOW, David is in bed with a temp of 102, chills, nausea, etc... Seriously, this super virus has regained it's strength or something. I'm praying for his sake that this is a very short-lived experience for him. I feel awful because I know how miserable he is. Thankfully I have the Phenergan and Immodium for him to take so that should help. I'm going to just put on my nursing cap (and no, I never wore one, it's just an expression) and take good care of my hubby. He's taken such fantastic care of me for the past 4 months so I am honored to be able to baby him some now.

Pray that he recovers soon though because there is a reason I did pediatric's because they were not WHINY ADULTS. Let's face it, adults are so much whinier than children when they are sick... so pray for him to heal and me to be loving and patient for the duration.
Gotta go now and retake his temperature. I'm actually enjoying this for now.

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5L's said...

LOL, you are so funny kelly! i'm sorry about the nasty bug...i'm afraid leila may be starting one and we're supposed to go camping tomorrow night.