Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fiesty... (updated)

UPDATE: Brody DOES indeed have ANOTHER ear infection. This is #5 in 9 weeks. Got another shot of Rocephin today and will start an oral antibiotic tomorrow. He'll be on that med until we go to see Dr. Brandon. Please pray that my baby boy feels better.

The new word to describe my son. Truly, he is getting a fiesty, fire-cracker little attitude as he hits the ripe ol' age of nearly 9 months. And honestly, it's hysterical most of the time to watch the most laid-back baby on the block share his "opinion" with us all.
The other day, we went to Lowes to get a playground set for our kids. When we got there, we found these really fun shopping carts that look like race cars. The front seat was large enough for 2 kids and each side had its own steering wheel. So, we sat each child behind their own wheel. Chloe was perfectly fine with this (surprising - as I thought she would want the middle so she could have both wheels), but Brody...let's just say he harrassed his sister then ENTIRE time we were there. He kept reaching over and grabbing her wheel which caused her to squeal and push his arm away. Then he would push her arm back. Later in the trip, he started reaching over and grabbing a hand full of her hair and would yank it as hard as he could. Then he would reach over and smack her on the arm, and take her paint cards (yes, I took a bunch of paint color cards to give Chloe something to do). Again, this caused her to scream and whine (don't blame her though). It was the funniest trip ever...he is definitely coming into his role as "pesky little brother." Maybe he's getting her back for calling him "That" and "Grody" for so long.

Here's the playset we settled on (just a pic that was on the brochure)

So, Master Brody has also decided to start walking behind his toys. Literally, out of nowhere last night, he started pushing a toy and took a few steps as he was doing it. Then, he started moving from the toy to me. It was just a matter of him turning around and moving his feet a little (while holding on), but nonetheless...he's learning mobility. He may be an even earlier walker than Chloe and she was early at 10.5 months.

So, that's my fiesty son in a nutshell. Oh, side-note... we go back today for an ear re-check. Praying that they don't find another infection since he just had those 3 Rocephin shots. Also, he has an appt with Dr. Brandon (ENT) for an evaluation for ear tubes on May 26th. Praying that tubes will make a huge difference for our little man.

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5L's said...

girl, would you like my bottle of garlic oil as one last try??? i wish i would have known about it before landon had to get 2 sets of tubes!!