Friday, May 1, 2009

Ask And Ye Shall Receive...

So yesterday was an extremely yucky day for me. I felt absolutely horrible all day long and could barely even function. I prayed and asked the Lord for His strength and while I didn't feel it so much yesterday, He gave me ample dosing of it today because He saw what my day would look like. Here is a glimpse into my day...I'll just preface it by saying that I haven't stopped since 6:00 this morning and it is now 8:00 PM.

This is Brody chowing down on Gerber puffs so that I could get everything ready to head out to the doctor for an ear check. When all else fails, bribe them with food.

We set off to the doctor at 7:40. I cannot believe I actually got all of us up, dressed, fed, bags packed, and out the door by that time, but I did (thank you Lord). And by the way, the stethascope is mine; I have it because pre-children, I was a pediatric critical care nurse. I am glad that I chose not to get rid of it because A) it was expensive B) I do listen to my children's lungs when they are sick and C) I have been able to diagnose Chloe many many times with pneumonia before even taking her in thanks to my handy dandy tool and assessment skills (see, nursing school was well worth the money even though I don't practice anymore). Anyways, Brody has another ear infection...this is #4 in 7 weeks. Tubes are in the near future.

Next, we ventured to the pharmacy which by this time it was pouring rain and was thundering loudly. While getting everyone out of the car, Chloe decided that she wanted to stare up at the rain so we spent what seemed like forever in the parking lot getting soaked while Chloe stared at rain and sang "rain rain go away." She's one that when you need her to move and get going, she will take her sweet time, and when you want her to slow down, she is furiously fast. So by the time we got into the pharmacy, I was drenched, she was moderately soaked because she had a raincoat, and Brody was the dry one thanks to his rainproof blanket that was thrown over him. Anyways, I was in no hurry to venture back out to the car so we took our time shopping around. Brody got another antibiotic and Chloe got a book about elephants. While I was at it, I got myself the newest People magazine and a Diet Sunkist. And I got David a pack of sour candy that he loves.

Aaaah, my least favorite chore...dishes. I have washed and dried several loads of dishes today.

Now this is something I do everyday, multiple times/day. Search for passies. We have probably spent a fortune on them and they have mysteriously disappeared often. I bet in the past 2.5 years we have bought 50 passies. Anyways, we are down to 5 (3 for Chloe and 2 for Brody) but we'll probably find a few more in the next day or so. We don't panic until we are down to 1 each...

Next, I am on a mission to have a garage sale and get rid of lots of "stuff" that we have and don't need or use. The things in these bins are baby clothes (sniff sniff). I hate to get rid of them, but I know it's time to just go ahead and do it. So, I've been gathering outgrown clothes and getting them ready to sell. Besides these 3 bins, I have 2 extra huge bins already full of clothes to go with these.

I spent the next 2 hours in the kitchen mixing, baking, and wrapping cookies and muffins for the craft fair that Chloe's Parents Day Out program is having. Now those who know me know I don't cook/bake/or anything of that nature very often at all so when I do I feel like I need to include Chloe. This was not a good idea tonight, but we made everything nonetheless and all turned out just fine.

And both exhausted and ready to hit the sack. Mommy is not far behind them.

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Kimberly and Jordan said...

What a day! We're participating in a garage sale tomorrow too!