Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pre-Easter Activities

Here are a ton of pics from the Easter Egg Hunt that our church sponsored. It was so much fun!

Getting ready to leave for the egg hunt

Brody trying to steal Chloe's easter basket. This illicited some tears from Chloe.

Brody hung out in the stroller for the egg hunt

David and Chloe are in the background picking up eggs

Check out those eggs!

A little girl decided to give her eggs to Chloe because she had already participated in the egg hunt 3 times.

Mommy and Chloe having lots of fun

Gramom and Brody

Chloe checking out the baby chickens - she loved them!

Coming down the long tube slide with daddy

And then it was mommy's turn

Chloe going in the tire maze

Barrel train ride

These pics are of us dying eggs at home. It was so much fun to watch her stir them and really get into it this year. Poor Brody has hardly any pics because he was asleep during the egg dying...

Just had to throw this pic in...

Chloe gave Brody all of her clippos and then told him "Grody, build something."

And finally, we made Easter cupcakes last night which was so much fun. Chloe poured in the water and oil and then helped stir. Afterwards, she got to decorate her cupcake with sprinkles and candy.

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5L's said...

such fun! was that at the pumkpin patch place?