Friday, April 3, 2009

Only I Can Understand...

Only I can understand the following things from Chloe:

** when she says she wants to read the story about Scooter and the animals, she REALLY means Noah and the Ark (not sure why she calls him Scooter)

** when she says she wants a goose she REALLY means she wants more juice

** when she says "cocky balls" she REALLY means cotton balls (Yesterday in Target she started yelling " Cocky balls, oh cocky balls, where are you cocky balls?" Then..."I have cocky balls!"

** when she says "I love you Juice" she REALLY is trying to say "I love you Jesus" - at least I think that's what she means because it's always after bedtime prayers that she says it. Hmmm...maybe she is trying to hint that she wants another cup of juice and I just assume she is saying Jesus.

** when she says she wants to eat with "El-pants" that means she wants to go to Rainforest Cafe to eat with the elephants

** when she says "milk bar Dora" that means "I'm awake now...where is my milk, breakfast bar and why is Dora not on?

oh, and now she has a vast array of things that she MUST have to go to sleep... big blanket, little blanket, pink passy, purple passy and orange passy, baby sheep, and covers. It's a job just rounding up all of those things. Whew!


5L's said...

that is funny! leila's the same way with all her 'stuff' to go to bed! :)

Bullock Family said...

Oh my.........I needed this laugh and during "cocky balls" I was doing that screaming laugh that made Jeremy look at me like I was a nut! Thank you for this post sweet friend. It made even this cranky soul smile from ear to ear! Love you, praying for you tomorrow!!!