Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Morning Fun

We have been up for 3 hours and this is what we have done so play and play. Chloe is very into pretend play right now meaning that her stuffed animals and her go to Wal-Mart, Target, Church, School, and Daddy's Work at least once/day. She puts them all in her play shopping cart and pushes them through the den into the dining room, on through the kitchen and ends up back in the den. And of course her purse is on her shoulder with her cell phone, keys, and money in it. Then she will tell me where they went and what they did. ADORABLE! She is also being extra kind today and letting Brody play with her animals and babies. They are so cute playing together and it totally excites Brody to get attention from Chloe.

Here are pics and videos mostly for the grandparents as I know you other readers have GOT to be bored of seeing videos and pics with every post. Jordan and Kim, Chloe gives you a shout-out in the video.

Can you find Brody amongst all of the stuffed animals? We had playtime in Chloe's room this morning and this is what she decided to do.

Chloe shared her puzzle step stool with Brody today. He sat and banged on it forever.

Thanks Grammy for the new outfit!!! This is what she had her school picture made in. I can't wait to see how the pic turned out.

Little Squirt...

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