Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just Random Things...

Just a few random things to share...

Chloe's new favorite phrase is "Nope, I do it myself!"

Brody took his first ever big boy bathtub bath a few nights ago. He loved it! Chloe didn't want him in the big tub though because he only has 2 teeth.

Chloe has begun wanting to pray for her friends at school. She will name who she wants to pray for and when I suggest a few others, she will say no...she only wants to pray for the ones she wants to. And it's always the same crew...Ms Lindsay, Ms Nancy, Miguel and Christian. Oh, and sometimes Hailey.

Brody crawled 2 paces yesterday but hasn't done it again. Thank you Lord!

Chloe has a new favorite cartoon - Wonder Pets! And Dora is a close second.

I think Brody has yet another ear infection. (sniff sniff)

Anyways, here are some more pics to indulge the family (or at least ourselves as we love sharing pics) and a clip of Brody playing peek-a-boo.


5L's said...

hey girly! i swear the garlic oil will fix that ear infection! leila's drum was on the verge of bursting and i healed it with the garlic anibiotics and no problems since! email me if you are interested in the details.

Emily Doss said...

The two teeth comment makes me laugh every time. :)

Kelly said...

I know's funny how she adjusted from saying "no, only 1 tooth" to "no, only has 2 teeth." I think there will always be a reason from Chloe why Brody can't do something.