Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just Random Things...

Just a few random things to share...

Chloe's new favorite phrase is "Nope, I do it myself!"

Brody took his first ever big boy bathtub bath a few nights ago. He loved it! Chloe didn't want him in the big tub though because he only has 2 teeth.

Chloe has begun wanting to pray for her friends at school. She will name who she wants to pray for and when I suggest a few others, she will say no...she only wants to pray for the ones she wants to. And it's always the same crew...Ms Lindsay, Ms Nancy, Miguel and Christian. Oh, and sometimes Hailey.

Brody crawled 2 paces yesterday but hasn't done it again. Thank you Lord!

Chloe has a new favorite cartoon - Wonder Pets! And Dora is a close second.

I think Brody has yet another ear infection. (sniff sniff)

Anyways, here are some more pics to indulge the family (or at least ourselves as we love sharing pics) and a clip of Brody playing peek-a-boo.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Morning Fun

We have been up for 3 hours and this is what we have done so play and play. Chloe is very into pretend play right now meaning that her stuffed animals and her go to Wal-Mart, Target, Church, School, and Daddy's Work at least once/day. She puts them all in her play shopping cart and pushes them through the den into the dining room, on through the kitchen and ends up back in the den. And of course her purse is on her shoulder with her cell phone, keys, and money in it. Then she will tell me where they went and what they did. ADORABLE! She is also being extra kind today and letting Brody play with her animals and babies. They are so cute playing together and it totally excites Brody to get attention from Chloe.

Here are pics and videos mostly for the grandparents as I know you other readers have GOT to be bored of seeing videos and pics with every post. Jordan and Kim, Chloe gives you a shout-out in the video.

Can you find Brody amongst all of the stuffed animals? We had playtime in Chloe's room this morning and this is what she decided to do.

Chloe shared her puzzle step stool with Brody today. He sat and banged on it forever.

Thanks Grammy for the new outfit!!! This is what she had her school picture made in. I can't wait to see how the pic turned out.

Little Squirt...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

8 Months and video

I cannot believe that Brody is already 8 months old. We will be approaching his first birthday before we even know it. He's really taken off with new milestones so here's the update on what our mini-David is doing now.
* sitting up perfectly by himself
* has started sleeping on his belly. he can roll himself over and sleep so soundly. * has started scooting all over and is trying super hard to crawl. i'm not ready for him to become mobile yet.
* has started taking toys from chloe which really sets her off.
* loves loves loves all foods. his newest favorites are carrot/tomatoes blend and rice cakes
* claps his hands * beats on everything. he going to be a drummer?
* has 2 teeth
* he's 18.25 pounds (21st percentile) and 29 inches (82nd percentile)
* babbles A LOT
* takes 2 great naps each day
* sleeps about 12 hours at night

He is such a joy. Of course right now he is not so happy as he has ANOTHER double ear infection. This is the second one in a month. Hopefully he won't need tubes like Chloe, but we are going to keep a close eye on things and request a referral sooner rather than later if he gets another infection or 2.

Here is a video of Brody trying to become mobile and there are 3 pics following.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Picture Indulgence...

Just a few pics from Easter Sunday.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Video of Dying Easter Eggs

Pre-Easter Activities

Here are a ton of pics from the Easter Egg Hunt that our church sponsored. It was so much fun!

Getting ready to leave for the egg hunt

Brody trying to steal Chloe's easter basket. This illicited some tears from Chloe.

Brody hung out in the stroller for the egg hunt

David and Chloe are in the background picking up eggs

Check out those eggs!

A little girl decided to give her eggs to Chloe because she had already participated in the egg hunt 3 times.

Mommy and Chloe having lots of fun

Gramom and Brody

Chloe checking out the baby chickens - she loved them!

Coming down the long tube slide with daddy

And then it was mommy's turn

Chloe going in the tire maze

Barrel train ride

These pics are of us dying eggs at home. It was so much fun to watch her stir them and really get into it this year. Poor Brody has hardly any pics because he was asleep during the egg dying...

Just had to throw this pic in...

Chloe gave Brody all of her clippos and then told him "Grody, build something."

And finally, we made Easter cupcakes last night which was so much fun. Chloe poured in the water and oil and then helped stir. Afterwards, she got to decorate her cupcake with sprinkles and candy.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Only I Can Understand...

Only I can understand the following things from Chloe:

** when she says she wants to read the story about Scooter and the animals, she REALLY means Noah and the Ark (not sure why she calls him Scooter)

** when she says she wants a goose she REALLY means she wants more juice

** when she says "cocky balls" she REALLY means cotton balls (Yesterday in Target she started yelling " Cocky balls, oh cocky balls, where are you cocky balls?" Then..."I have cocky balls!"

** when she says "I love you Juice" she REALLY is trying to say "I love you Jesus" - at least I think that's what she means because it's always after bedtime prayers that she says it. Hmmm...maybe she is trying to hint that she wants another cup of juice and I just assume she is saying Jesus.

** when she says she wants to eat with "El-pants" that means she wants to go to Rainforest Cafe to eat with the elephants

** when she says "milk bar Dora" that means "I'm awake now...where is my milk, breakfast bar and why is Dora not on?

oh, and now she has a vast array of things that she MUST have to go to sleep... big blanket, little blanket, pink passy, purple passy and orange passy, baby sheep, and covers. It's a job just rounding up all of those things. Whew!