Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some New Pics

I just wanted to share some of the newest Brody pics. We had a picture session the other night and I got some really cute pics of him. Check out the bright blue eyes!!! They keep getting brighter and brighter. Oh, and notice the's coming in quite nicely.

Well this was towards the end of the session and he was quite irritated. He's yelling at me.

All wrapped up after bath time in his duck towel

Check out the long blonde eyelashes


Leslie Pigg said...

Love these new pics of Brody and loved seeing him in his duck towel!! :) I can't believe how blue those eyes are. He is too cute! And of course his sister is adorable, but thought I'd give your little man some props since this blog entry was all about him. Praying for you tomorrow, my friend!

Bullock Family said...

You guys sure do produce some good looking kids........ Love you, praying for your weekend!!