Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pictures of the Kids

Wow! Brody had his 6 month check up today so my mom and I went to the pediatrician with him to get him checked out. He is now 17 1/4 pounds (30%) and 27.5 inches (75%). He's growing like a weed!!! He put on 2.2 pounds in just 2 months. It's the solids for sure. He loves to eat his fruit, cereal and veggies. Soon he will be getting Gerber puffs and I cannot wait to see him gum those down. Anyways, unfortunately, his right ear is STILL infected however the left one has joined in so he has a double ear infection. I could not believe this because A) he just finished 10 days of Amoxil and B) he is the happiest baby crankiness, no fever, no nothing except smiles and giggles. I guess that's great however I would like to know when he is sick before his ear drum bursts. So, he's on Omnicef now for another 10 days to see if we can get him better. He's starting the Chloe ear trend already. We'll just pray that the Omnicef takes care of it.
Chloe is doing well. She is on medicine still for her ear infection and will on occassion still say her ear hurts, but I'm not sure if it really does or if she is just saying that. The doctor told me to just watch her another day or so and bring her back if she is still complaining. She's happy, playful, and as energetic as always though so we'll see how things go.
That's it for now. Here are a few pics of the kids as promised earlier.

Look at this big boy. This was at his 6 month appt. today.

Close-up of those beautiful baby blues!!!! I LOVE his eyes. They are just like David's.

Yip, that's right...he's eating his shoe and he loves it! He eats anything that is in his hands, or on a spoon, or in my hands, etc...

This is Chloe pretending to be Dora (notice the backpack and map on her back). She is also posing like she is doing a self breast exam! Isn't that hysterical?!? She has become the poster child for early detection...and NO, I have NOT taught her that. It's just a toddler quirk right now.

This is Chloe at the beginning of her haircut/trim today. I decided to go on and get mine cut short for when it starts to fall out so it won't be sooooo long and decided to let her get a trim too. She was none to happy about it at first.

Seriously, she was having a major fit about the spray bottle.

Laura gave Chloe a sucker to eat during the haircut and that did the trick. She is so focused on her sucker right now so Laura was able to get Chloe's hair pinned up and get the trim underway.

Here is is finishing up with Chloe by spraying glitter in her hair...she called it "Princess Spray." So cute!

And...the finished product. Chloe even sat still enough to get a braid and boy was she proud of it! Adorable. She didn't want David to take the braid out when he was washing her hair tonight.

The other day Chloe was "sharing" Brody's toy with him (how nice huh?) but when she handed it to him, she covered all of the keys so he couldn't spin it and make noise. Real sweet Chloe. She even takes his vibrating teething ring and puts it in her mouth when she sees it sitting out for him. I'm going to have my hands very very very full once he becomes mobile and starts getting into his and her toys by himself. Pray for me!


Amy said...

Loved Chloe's hair! Can't believe it is long enough for a braid! Now you'll have to learn to French Braid! Sorry to hear Brody has a nasty ear infection. Give me a call!

Bullock Family said...

These are the cutest pictures ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! You two sure do produce some good looking kiddos!