Saturday, March 28, 2009

One Phrase from Chloe

One phrase we hear from Chloe mulitple times per day is "no, he has only 1 tooth." Now originally I taught her this phrase to keep her from feeding him any solid foods when I wasn't looking. However, now that is her excuse for everything related to Brody and her not wanting to share with him. For example:

Me: Chloe, can Brody go down the slide
Chloe: No, has only 1 tooth

Me: Chloe, can Brody play with the ball?
Chloe: no, has only 1 tooth

Me: Can Brody take a bath in your tub?
Chloe: No, has only 1 tooth

And you get the point. So, here is a little video and picture that I wanted to share with you. Towards the middle she starts the one tooth thing. Also, you may hear her referring to him as "Grody" instead of Brody. Enjoy my sweet angels on this wonderful Saturday morning.

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