Sunday, March 1, 2009

Living in Grandparent Land...

And thank the good Lord for that! My mom is currently here and has been since February 4th. Before that, David's mom was here for about 2 weeks. So, that being said, you can see why this house is considered Grandparent Land now. We are so thankful that both of our moms have been able to come, stay, and make themselves at home as they tend to the kidlets for me during the day. I am not able to pick them up at all, and won't be able to for another 3 weeks. After my mom leaves in a little less than 2 weeks, David's mom will come back for a little while until I get the greenlight to be able to pick them up and care for them the way I am used to. It's been really hard to not just jump up and pick them up if they are crying, or just go grab something for them as I am so independant, but there is no way physically for me to do that right now. So, here's to a huge THANK YOU to the grandparents for all of your help, patience, and love that you have for us and our little ones.

On to some cute/fun/new things now about the kids.
BRODY: has 1 tooth in plain sight and working on another one I think
he can sit unsupported now
he LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (and I thought we were over that now)
he LOVES his solid foods -
green beans,squash,sweet potatoes,carrots,cereal,bananas, pears & peas
he is very ticklish
he STILL loves his jumperoo
he sits in his tub now and will splash and play with the rubber ducks
he loves to blow bubbles and spit
has started saying "ahh-geeee" a lot which is what Chloe used to say a lot too
is better from his ear infection (I guess). He never acted sick!
has his 6 month check-up Wednesday so we'll see how big he has gotten.

CHLOE: cut her 2 year molars and I had no clue
is better from the pneumonia but has ear infection now
tells us that Uncle Jordan drives ehh-i-cot-er (helicopter...he's in the ARMY)
says Op-Op drives air-panes
says she LOOOOOOOVES...everything. You name and she LOOOOOOOVES it!
says our big pepper grinder is "cute."
loves to watch Dora and now pretends to be Dora sometimes
still loves to watch TV in "mama's bed."
still calls Brody "Grody"
likes having her toenails and fingernails painted
likes to jump like a frog and when doing so, she says "Rip" (ribbit)
can say Thank you Jesus...but it sounds like Thank you Juice
is obsessed with riding in "Daddy's car"
sings all day long. many times she will sing if she has nothing to talk about

Things here are never quiet as she is non-stop talking. On a different note though, just wanted to let everyone know that my little brother made it back home last week from a 15 month deployment in Iraq. I know that many of you were praying for him throughout that time and I just wanted to let you know that he is safely back in Hawaii now with his wife. YAY!!! Thank you for your prayers as they were all answered.
Pictures of the kids are battery is dead on the camera for now though so I'll charge it and post pics tomorrow.

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