Sunday, February 22, 2009

Surprise of all Surprises...

Today, around 4:00 or so, my phone rang and the caller ID showed a number from Atlanta, Georgia. I assumed it was my in-laws as they are from the Atlanta area, but when I answered it, it was so not them. It was...get ready for this...are you sitting down?!? The President of Chick-fil-A, Dan T. Cathy, calling me...little ol' me to let me know that he had just gotten word of all that's been going on and he wanted to call to offer some encouragement as he has also been through a difficult time medically speaking. Anyways, before we got off the phone, he asked if he could pray for me and then did just that. I told him that David would for sure be updating the Nashville market about the outcome after the surgery so that if he wanted to he could ask our business consultant about the outcome. Instead, he asked me to ask David to voicemail him directly or if he sends an email to send one to him as well.

Can we just say things like this don't happen anymore? I would venture to say that MAYBE in only like 5% of companies does the President of a 3 Billion dollar company call you personally to pray for you and your medical problems. And what gets me is that he actually called me, the spouse of an owner. He could have just as easily called only David to let him know that he and his family were praying for me, but he took it one step furthur...went the second mile, to let me personally know.

I have always respected him and the entire Cathy family, and it's for reasons such as this. I'm honored and priveleged to know this family and know what and Who they stand for.

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