Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kiddie Fun

Well, it is high time for an update on the kidlets so sit back and relax while I brag on...uh, I mean share new fun things about my kids with you.

Wow - she NEVER stops talking!!! She is a motor mouth from the time she gets up until she goes to bed at night and most nights she even talks in her sleep. Most of her little report cards from school say she had "chatty" days. And to think that I was worried about her talking. Ear plugs anyone?!?
Also, she has taken to asking me every morning if mommy is still sick and if my arm is still hurting. Then she proceeds to tell me that she is also sick and her arm is also "broken." And that conversation is followed by her crawling in "mama's bed" and getting under the covers with me and watching her Leap Frog movies. It's interesting that the bed is known as mama's bed but the car is known as daddy's car...and she's very adament about those things.
This morning I was getting her ready for school and grabbed her Valentine outfit since it's now February. I want her to get several wears out of it before the 14th. Anyways, she told me that she would wear the shirt, but not the "heart pants." Now they are really cute pink pants with hearts all over...may sound it tacky, but totally not...well, not that tacky. Anyways, I asked her what she wanted to wear and she told me jeans. Then told me that "mama wear heart shirt (yes, I had a shirt on with a heart on it) and jeans. Chloe wear heart shirt and jeans." Well, I can't argue with that. So that's what she wore. And then she told me that she didn't want her brown shoes but wanted her new tennis shoes. Picky picky picky.
Let's see, oh, she got into a slight altercation at her daddy's Chick-fil-A yesterday. There were 3 little boys coming down the slide in front of her. When they got near the bottom, the first little boy stopped sliding and wouldn't go any furthur so none of the other kids could go on down. There was a 4 child pile-up and Chloe happened to be in the back. She started yelling at the boys saying "MOVE, I STUCK!" She said this over and over again until they finally moved on down.

Baby it's cold outside

Jumping bean! He probably jumps 18000 times/day. He LOVES LOVES LOVES his jumperoo. I mean he seriously has jumped himself to sleep in it. He is so very happy when he is jumping. Wish they made adult ones as they do look quite fun.
He is also loving his veggies. So far he has had sweet peas, squash, and carrots and of course rice cereal. There is no favorite as he truly loves them all. He's about to eat us out of house and home though. BOY CAN EAT!!! I think he is finally growing into his length.
Of course he continues to be the happiest baby on the block. Nothing phases him unless he is tired or hungry. He just smiles, laughs, plays and jumps all day. Seriously he could NOT be more laid back. He's like his daddy in that respect as I am not at all laid back...nor is Chloe.
Oh, and he is FINALLY getting some hair! It's coming in blonde so it is hard to see, but it is coming in. So different to have a baby with peach fuzz versus Chloe who was born with more hair than a monkey.

Both kidlets have been spoiled rotten over the past 1.5 weeks by David's mom. She came originally to visit so that David and I could get away to Knoxville for the UT/Memphis basketball game a few weekends ago. Little did anyone know that when we planned this trip that she would have to stay and care for the kids while I had surgery and dealt with all of that. The timing of her trip turned out to be perfect though. She is leaving tomorrow to go back to Georgia but the spoiling won't stop. My mom is coming tomorrow afternoon and then my dad will be coming shortly thereafter to help with the kids. I don't know that we will ever get our kids back under control after all the grandparent spoiling. That's okay though as grandparents' main job is to spoil the grandchildren like crazy. And we SOOOOO appreciate the help with them.

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