Friday, February 20, 2009

Brody has...

A TOOTH!!! His first of many and I'm so excited!!! David and I were away at a Chick-fil-A seminar in Long Beach, California for 5 days and apparently he decided to cut his tooth right before we came home. It actually broke through on his 6 month birthday. It's really cute if I may say so. I have forgotten just how exciting these little moments are!!!
Now, I have to back-track a little and go back to Valentines Day. We had a great day! Chloe walked around off and on all day yelling "I LOOOOOOVE Valentines!" In her box, she got some plastic high-heels, necklace and bracelet, a new pair of jammies, and a new cup with a straw. I told David that she walks in those shoes as if she were born wearing heels. It is so cute! Brody got several pairs of new jammies as he is just out-growing everything he has, and he got a few new small toys. It was just a really fun day! We had lip and heart shaped pancakes for breakfast, and cupcakes as an evening snack.

Now, back to the present. Both of the babies are sick. Brody has an ear infection...his first, and Chloe has viral pneumonia. They are both okay. Brody acts as though nothing is wrong. I just took him in because he was coughing and had drainage. Chloe on the other hand has had fever ranging mostly from 102-104, is breathing fast, is not eating much, laying around a lot more, and just doesn't feel good. Please pray that they both heal very quickly as I am scheduled for surgery on Monday and I don't want them still sick when I leave for it. If they are, I'll just re-schedule, but I really want this over and done with. So...prayers please? Thanks!!!

Now on to fun...PICTURES! Enjoy and I'll update on the kidlets on Sunday evening.

His shirt says "Hunk-a-Burnin' Love"

We met Kirk Cameron at Seminar this year. He was signing copies of the movie FireProof that he starred in.

And...a close up. Does anyone besides me still love Mike Seaver?!? (Growing Pains) I still DVR the episodes as I truly still love that show!!!

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