Sunday, January 4, 2009

Update on the kids

I'll start with Chloe:
Chloe continues to talk up a storm. She is now talking in sentances and saying things that I think "where did she learn that?" Nothing bad mind you...just sometimes I wonder where she learned to speak such big words. I do have a funny/embarassing story to tell though about one of her new words. Please note before you read this though that Chloe did NOT hear this word from us or from the TV because if the TV is on while she is awake, it's either on Word World, or the Christian Music station. That being said...yesterday David had just gotten off of the treadmill (yes, I got an awesome treadmill for Christmas - YAY!) and took his shirt off to cool down. Chloe, out of the blue, points to David's chest and says "daddy's boobies." I thought she said belly, but after she said it the third time we realized what she was saying. Oh my goodness...shock doesn't even come close to what I felt when she said that. Hmmm...where did that word come from?!? I've racked my brain and have decided that she is going to hear and say things that don't necessarily come from us and we just have to figure out how to handle it. Keep our mouths shut and not make a big deal of it in hopes that she won't repeat it, or tell her that that's not a nice word and not to say it anymore? Advice from seasoned moms welcomed!
On a better note, Chloe and Brody are becoming friends. She likes to play with him, help me feed him his cereal, and help him to roll over (she calls is steamrolling). I caught her in his room the other day during his nap trying to climb into his crib. I whispered (sort of loudly and sternly) that she needed to get out of his room while he slept. She looked at me, put her finger to her lips and said "SSSSHHHH mama!" as if to make me aware that Brody was asleep. Miss sassy-pants, huh?
Chloe still loves her playhouse that Santa brought. We have pretend picnics everyday and now we have pretend mail that she likes to put through the mail slot on the house. She will ride her little indoor bike up to the playhouse, put the mail in the slot, and then wait for me to pretend to read it and then ask for it back. We repeat this tons of times. Such fun!

On to Brody: he's growing like a weed. I decided to go ahead and start him on rice cereal since he is 4 months old and has shown signs of readiness for solids. He really likes it and is already trying to grab the spoon as if I am not feeding him fast enough. He has his 4 month well-check in just a few days so I am anxious to see how much he has grown. I am guessing that he is a good 15 pounds by now and at least 25.5 inches. Not sure about the length but I did have to just buy him some 6-9 month size jammies because his toes were curling in the 3-6 month size. They are so big weight wise, but the larger size is perfect for his height.
Believe it or not because I am not sure that you can tell on his pics, he is growing hair rapidly. It's coming in blonde which I'm not sure where that's from. Chloe can't tell that it's growing though because yesterday she looked at me and said "oh no, Brody's hair is all gone. Brody's hair, where are you?"
Brody can roll from belly to back really well now and holds his head steady. He's cooing quite a bit and actually "talked" the whole way to Target last week. He's teething now which means tons of drool, and chewing. I can't really feel any ridges though so I'm sure it will be a while before we get any teeth. Oh, and he's started to grab anything in his reach - including my hair and Chloe's.
Now on to pics...

The next 4pix will be a sequence of events pix.
This is how Brody starts out

Then he immediately rolls over

Next, Chloe insists on rolling him back over

And the sequence starts all over...

Check out all of her hair. I can't believe how long it is.

Eating rice cereal for the first time

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Our Family said...

lol! daddies that it??? haha, i was expecting something waaay worse than biggie in my book! :)
her ponytail way up on her head is adorable!
we used to also start feeding the solids in the that thing!