Sunday, January 18, 2009

SUGAR - The Baby Version of Crack

Last night we held our first ever Blevins Family movie night. David took Chloe to Blockbuster to rent a few movies, then they went to Food Lion to get some M&M's and cookie dough. Oh, and they also got me some of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen just because I was having a rough day. Anyways, they came back and upon opening the door, Chloe starts yelling "mama, flowers" over and over again. She was very proud of them. Then she showed me the movies she chose...Dora the Explorer and The Jungle Book. At 5:00 we began the festivities (her bedtime is 7 so we have to start early). We laid out a bunch of blankets on the floor, put on the PJ's, got her pillow and turned on The Jungle Book. We ate popcorn, M&M's and cookies...and some juice to go with. After about 30 minutes, her candy kicked in and she went CRAZY!!!! I remembered then why we do NOT give her sugar very's baby crack! She was running around in circles roaring like a tiger, jumping, singing, and just plain being silly. This continued for about an hour and then she crashed out. We were able to enjoy some laughs through it all, and Brody enjoyed the craziness as well. He adores his sister and smiles at her when she is just being Chloe, but last night he was cracking up at her. So sweet!!!

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Our Family said...

ugh, i so need to get the baby crack out of our house! i'm ready to pull my hair out w/my 3!