Monday, January 12, 2009

Brody and his check-up

So the other day I took Brody in for his 4 month check-up at the pediatrician's office. It was a fantastic appointment so if you are ready to hear his stats, you may want to sit back and relax as you will probably quit breathing when you read how much he has grown in the past 2 months. So...
Height - 27 inches - which is a growth of 4 inches in a 2 month period. He jumped from 30th percentile in height to 90th percentile!!!
Weight - 14 pounds 15 ounces - which is an increase of 3 pounds in 2 months. He jumped from 18th percentile to 28th percentile.

So verdict is...LONG AND LEAN!!! He must get that from my younger brother as he is tall and thin (grown up version of long and lean). And Jordan if you see this in Iraq, I am so not saying that you are thin in a bad know what I mean!

Anyways, he is still loving his rice and his formula so we were given the green light to start veggies. So...sometime this week he'll be starting with green beans. Pics to follow that first reaction to something with flavor.

Ummm...let's see. Chloe has taken great interest in Brody and he has reciprocated just as much. He lights up and just giggles and kicks when he sees her. And she is the same. She is very protective when anyone comes to speak to Brody. She doesn't want anyone to talk to him. She also gets upset if she doesn't see Brody immediately when I pick her up from school or her class at church and she starts saying "Where Grody? Grody? Grody?" Yip, that's right, that is how she pronounces his name. I guess that's better than when she just called him "that."

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amazing how fast they!