Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Man in Blue...(and more)

Busy, busy, busy!!! We are leaving for NC tomorrow morning to go visit my family. We have to be at the airport no later than 5:15 AM so that we can get everyone checked in and through security. So today, I am stuck with the daunting task of packing everything that we need. Ummm, that's a lot when you have a toddler and an infant. I have been thinking about strategy at the airport though and have got it all down to a science and even wrote a list of what goes in who's carry-on and who is to carry which carry-on. Yep, I am a bit crazy when it comes to making lists. You see, we are trying to only check what's necessary since it costs now to have luggage on a plane (rolling eyes!)
So, anyways, on to the rest of my day's plans...I left at 8:50 to take Chloe to school this morning. On the way, we were singing and I totally was not paying attention to the speed that I was going. Well, the man in blue was paying attention and made me quite aware of the speed limit on Trough Springs Rd. When I pulled over, Chloe says "aw man!" I rolled my window down and cracked hers thinking that if he maybe saw how cute she was that he would have mercy on me. IT WORKED!!! He commented that he was very proud that I had both children in their carseats (duh!) and that I was a great mom for doing that. Then, he wrote me a warning ticket and I went about my way...only going 30 mph mind you.
So, for the rest of my day, I will be packing, getting a haircut, packing some more, going to pick up Chloe at school, exchanging something at Target, getting prescriptions at Walgreens, making sure everyone is fed and changed (well the kids at least), packing some more, and hopefully will be in bed at a decent hour tonight so that 3:45 doesn't come too early.
Whew...I'm tired just thinking about it. So, I have no idea why I am taking the time to write this other than to just have one last moment of solitude before the craziness ensues.

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Missy said...

Yes, the police are on Trough Springs alot. I live off Jones Rd. at Royal Oaks Ct. and I see them at the stop sign of Trough Springs and the connector. They catch alot of people for not stopping at that stop sign there. It is very hard to hold 30mph on that road. Glad you just got a warning!

Missy Rye