Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas in Clarksville

Just tons of pictures taken this morning. Christmas was so fun this year. Chloe sort of understood Santa, presents, etc... She at least knew something big was happening. She also liked unwrapping gifts this year (hers and Brody's), and playing all day long. After gifts, we just relaxed and played with the kids, cooked and ate. It was seriously such a great holiday.

Chloe's Madagascar movie from her Nannie

Rubber Duckies in her stocking. This child LOVES ducks.

I think a coat was in this box.

Helping Brody open his presents. Yes, that's his "practical gift" of the curtain rod and he got some curtains and monkey finials to go with it.

Baby Einstein teether.


Chloe explaining to Brody about his new toy.

Of course he HAD to have his first UNC outfit!!! Basketball season has started. Thanks Aunt Kim and Uncle Jordan for his first Tarheel attire.

Cabot opening his gift - a new bed

Brody's new musical toy. He has laughed and squealed in delight everytime he sees and plays with this toy.

Chloe's main gift from Santa was this large playhouse. She has played in it off and on all day long.

Full view of the playhouse. Just FYI as to how big it is....Chloe, Brody, me, and the dog all fit inside it relatively comfortably.

She is getting the table ready for us to have our first pretend picnic.

Leaning out the window to ring the doorbell.

A new outfit from Santa. An "I love Mommy" outfit!!!

This is the neatest toy. It's a wooden Melissa and Doug toy cake that comes with candles and toppings that actually velcro on the cake slices so that they stay on. She and I pretended to eat cake quite a bit today. Here she is blowing out the candle.

Reading his new book

Chloe eating her cupcake in honor of Jesus's birthday. We sang Happy Birthday and this is how she sang it... Happy Birthday to Jesus, Happy Birthday to Jesus, Happy birthday dear Chloe, Happy birthday to Chloe. I think she forgot half-way through who's birthday it really was.

These are the lights that we went to see at the Riverfront on Christmas Eve. They were really pretty! This is the first year that we have been down there and gotten out to take the walk. We were pleasantly surprised!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Chloe and David.


Our Family said...

what a fun day! leila LOVES ducks too...i think it became more of an obsession after she was a duck for halloween, lol! great little play house!

Kimberly said...

I love the pictures Kelly! It looks like you enjoyed the day.