Monday, November 10, 2008

Words From Chloe

Of course, if you read this blog you know that Chloe had 10 ear infections in 8 months beginning when she was 5 months old. Finally at 15 months old, she got ear tubes put in and has only had 1 infection since then. Due to all of the past EI's her speech development was really slow to come. She wasn't hearing sounds properly for almost 10 months so she pretty much had to start over hearing and learning them again. Anyways, as we approach her 2nd birthday in just a few more days, my little girl is finally talking up a storm! Since Brody's birth, her language has exploded! Some of the phrases and things that she says not only shock me, but make me smile because I have waited to long to hear her speak to where I could understand her.

So this post is about the things that Chloe says:
1. Mama, where are you?
2. Milk in pumpkin cup. (her favorite cup now that she has learned how to use a straw)
3. Brody not wake. (she has finally started using his name and does not refer to him as "that" anymore)
4. Go school? Yay!!!
5. Get lunch bag mama.
6. Daddy at work?
7. Brody in seat...right there! (when she wants me to put him down)
8. Passy and blankie
9. Please and Thank You (she still signs them and says them at the same time)
10. Toons - Word World!
11. Play Emmy Abby (when I tell her we are going to play outside she automatically thinks we are going to have a playdate with Emily and Abigail)
12. God our Father (part of her blessing before meals)
13. Great God, oh oh oh oh oh (one of Daniel Doss's songs that she belts out in the car)
14. Stopsign - STOP!!!
15. Love you mama. (my personal favorite!)

She says tons more words, but those are my favorite phrases. Seems like she went from hardly any words at all to speaking in phrases and sentances overnight.
And while I am bragging on my baby, let me just say that she also knows...
1. 4 colors (and her favorite is green)
2. about 10-12 letters of the alphabet by just seeing them
3. can count to 11
4. knows the shapes circle, square, heart, star, and triangle. also she can draw circles if you ask her to (that's her favorite shape. every night she asks for her "circle" jammies)

OK - I think I am done now. I know that the grandparents will care more about this post than anyone else so if you are not family and have gotten this far into this post, thanks for bearing with me while I share these things.

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